Friday, May 9, 2014

A New Wardrobe... Sort Of

Does everyone else agree that after having a baby its time to throw almost everything out and start fresh??

I mean... after 2 back to back... WOW

These hips dont lie.. Yall!

Since baby was born we have been about every 6 weeks and purchased one to two new items, now that there are about 10 items in rotation I finally feel like I am starting to revamp.

The hard part is I am still wanting to loose a few more pounds, with that being said it doesnt make sense to spend a fortune on an "in between wardrobe" ya know?

loving this easy transitional outfit from loft!

(looks like the other items i have purchased are no longer available, trust me, they are cute!)

The shorts are so comfortable!

I have found quite a few workout items online from under armor, etc and paired them with cute workout tops from target. 

My goal is to at least look halfway put together on the days the kids are at school.

What are your go to items for an inbetween wardrobe?

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The Mustard Seed said...

Its a shame its not the fall because leggings, under flowy tops and tunics with riding boots make it so easy to hide the resistant baby weight. I always felt "sloppy" for 9-12 months after baby. Maxi dresses help too. Good luck with shopping.