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Monday, May 18, 2015

Monogram Monday: Favorite Monogrammed Items for Men

Mensware is usually a missed opportunity on the monogramming front. 

With the recent resurgence of the monogram, there are plenty of great items to give that man in your life!!

Father's Day is just around the corner you now! 

What a great opportunity to get some nice things for dad!!

We purchased one of these mugs for my husband for christmas and he uses it at his desk everyday! 
Sweet Amanda at Dixie Delights makes these!!

He said "who cares if it's Tartan, I am bringing it back year round!" 
Love that man!!!

You can click on each individual link to see either the store they can be purchased from or their pin on pinterest!

This year I am thinking we will do something with grilling items as we revamp that space!

We received an Alabama "A" branding stick as a wedding gift and C loves.... to use it when we grill steaks and salmon!!

What have you picked out for fathers day??

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monogram Monday: A Monogram Changes Everything

It's funny, a room can look "put together" then BAM add the unique monogram and it looks complete!
Here are several examples!

Have you had a monogram change a look of a room? Would love to see!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monogram Monday

I apologize for the unexpected break!! 

Life has this funny way of getting super busy and crazy on you!!

Needless to say I made sure to show y'all some fab monos today!!!
Hello!!!! This painted on headboard is pure amaze balls!!!
And GENIUS for a small space!! 

Etched silver??? Such a show stopper!

Below is self explanatory! 

And is this not the most unique plate??

The detailing is something that's sooo hard to find!

As always I have pinned the images to my Pinterest board for easy access to sources! 

Monogram on y'all! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Favorite Free Christmas Printables Round Up

Anyone getting close to running out of gift tags??

I don't know about you, but all of these adorable, downloadable, free printables are soo much cuter than the store bought ones!!!

(I have checked these links and downloaded a few of my own so you should not have any problems.)

And I LOVE this believe banner!

This site,, has a email sign up from freebies and her printables are super cute and around $2-$3.00!!
click the image
The ones I saved I cannot seem to find the link. The labels look like the images above!

And I saved the best for last!! 
Printed approxtimately 5 sheets of this one!!!

click the image for the link to print!

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Kitchen Remodel: The planning phase

The time has come. 
(you may have noticed from my most recent pins what I have been scheming)

If we must stay in this house I am going to make the kitchen what I want and also utilizes every square inch of the 9 ft by 8.5 ft space.

Here are a few of my favorite pinterest inspirations that we are going to use as our guide. 
This first pin is probably the closest representation of what we will be doing with the space.

And I am on the search for either a vintage china cabinet to transform or considering opening an account with British Traditions and ordering one of their stately reproduction pieces. (more on that later)

Hope to either be back later today or tomorrow with a style board for the space. 
I am still waiting on a few more quotes to come in from some vendors, but this has and will be an extensive researched product and a great resource for anyone weighting the cost of stock vs. custom, look alike marble or marble or even formica for that matter.

Stay tuned....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Words of Wisdom via Pinterest

These are some of my favorite inspirations to keep me going, humble, and doing my best to train my children in the way they should go.

Truth being spoken here.

This pins commentary is sooo true. It is nice to read it occassionally and keep you in check.

Dont inhibit your children, habilitate.

I am daily working on this one with my 3 rd old. I want her to be constantly curious and never bored.

A constant reminder. They want you... not the latest toy!!

And above everything else. LOVE others!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY Wooden Picture Frames

**update..... August 2014, its time to revise and revamp this tutorial. right?? working on doing that right now!! stay tuned for a reveal in September 2014

Are you a fan of rustic picture frames??

These frames are by 2 princesses and 2 frogs. They can be purchased at a local store.

Here is an enormous display of some similar frames.
I am going to attempt to recreate these with some scrap wood I have in my garage.
Have you seen these on pinterest??

Looks pretty easy.
And much more cost effective to make your own!!

Here is what I came up with.
My "hack" for a $60.00 frame. yes... 60 bucks for scrapwood!

My inspiration:
I purchased one of these frames then decided I could make my own to create a "collection" of this type of frame.

Supply List:
*gorilla glue
*assortment of acrylic paint
*scrap wood
*small mounting  board from hobby lobby or local craft store.
*small clip frame from hobby lobby or local craft store
*paint brushes

btw: Found the mounting board on the unfinished wood aisle in hob lob.

Gather some scrap wood and decide which direction you want the wood to go in. These pieces were actually one long 1x2 I had my husband cut down.

Have the pieces of wood cut the same length and use your gorilla glue to make a small bead of glue between the wood. 
Sit and let "set" for a little over an hour.

Step 3:
Paint the scrap wood layer with a coat of paint and let dry
Paint the mounting board layer and let dry.
Step 4:
Use your gorilla glue to do small dots or a bead of the glue, don't forget to lay something heavy on top for the glue to disperse evenly.

Step 5:
Nail a small nail into the mounting board to attach the clip frame from,
also sand the edges of the mounting board and the edges of the wood.

Step 6: 
Decide where to hang, what picture to use, then step back and enjoy!
I think a new school picture will do nicely!
(sorry this one is crooked)

For comparison:
mine $3.00
theirs $60 + tax

LOVIN' $3.00 ALL day Long!! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recent Pinspiration!!

**ps. i need some help, either safari, firefox, or blogger isn't allowing me to imbed these images straight from Pinterest. Could someone ever so kindly help me figure out why?? I want to give credit where credit is due. 

In the meantime you can follow all my boards via THIS LINK!!
been feeling the need to make lots of really cute burp cloths recently!!

holy inspiration batman!!! I now want to makeover my garage!!
tipjunkie... you find the most creative ppl... you win again!!

have NO fear I will be attempting this guy this weekend!!
**need I mention 9 DAYS TILL KICKOFF!!!!!!
Can hardly wait!!!!

I really want to attempt a dog bed like this for lilly!!
this pom trim always gives me a fit...
know any tricks for working with it??
I will SOOO be ordering this pattern to make the AG dolls a coat for christmas!!

From the looks of things I am inspired to craft!!