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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smitten with Charleston

It's no secret I am in love with Charleston, South Carolina.
It's dreamy, fully of history and such a romantic city.

 I can not wait to return there soon. I would have you meet me on this porch to talk about our shopping plans, and sip on some good cold sweet tea.
Then we could grab our bikes and ride down to the boat slip and ride on over to Mt. Pleasant and meet up with my dear friend Laura Jenkins Thompson!!
Then we would return home for dinner on the veranda, with sweet tea of course!! 

Just dreaming, and longing to return to a city that feels just like home!!
Happy Wednesday bloggy friends!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a tribute to Stitchin Charleston Style, and Laura!!!!

well this morning my dad took Mama to the airport, for her one measly week of escape from the world of disrespectful young adults who only want two things money and a later curfew...

Mama went to Charleston to see Laura, oh dear Laura, and BethAnne, and Mrs. Tommye, and all the other wonderful ladies that attend Stitchin Charleston Style. Two years ago i joined my mother on this mecca that she yearly takes to meet the esteemed Laura Jenkins Thompson. Oh how i wish i could be joining everyone to "stitch and bitch" as mama would say, this year. hopefully next year i can return to learn some new techniques, and most importantly socialize.

if i were there right now i would be "glistenin" (as all women do in the summer, its much better than saying sweatin like a whore in church) 
checking out all the stores and seeing the sights. getting excited about going to the market, and staying at the francis marion.
sidenote..... on our honeymoon last summer casey and i went to eat at SNOB, slightly north of broad, i would right now be recommending this to janet and all her friends insisting we go there. 

ohhh and if we walk too much down canal street i will insist we go in brookstone and get a chair/ leg massage. ohhh and hampden designs, great great clothes i would check that store out for another cute dress!!! 
oh i know everyone is having soo much fun. 
i cant wait to rejoin all of you next year. much love