Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Quick Quaint Baby Shower

My dear friend heather was begging me to throw a party for baby w.
Well I love me a good party and couldn't say no!! 

Here are a few snap shots from the afternoon sip n see.
Here is Grammy and Mrs. Phyllis (moms bff for almost 40 years)
Yummy treats! 
These cupcakes are called prozac at the adorable eatery here in town. 
I think its time to blog this sweet little cupcake shop!
Do you see the monogrammed cookies???

They were AWESOME!

Here is Auntie Header aka Heather with baby!
We love you Auntie!!!
 A few friends chatting and loving on baby.

My sweet friend Julianne.

Big sissy!
(cant seem to find the pic of me and Hayley... need to look for it.)

And two of my favorites, Karen and Caroline!
Love you guys.
Thank you friends for coming to welcome baby!!!


Ashley said...

You look FAB, Jenny Beth! Proud of you, girl (and Baby W is soooooo handsome)!!

Mrs. Jones said...

So gorgeous! Love all the pictures!