Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Orange Beach 2013

We decided to break tradiditon this year and hop over to Orange Beach, Alabama.

We had such a great time relaxing and hosting caseys family here and there. (they live 45 minutes away in Daphne, Alabama.)

Aunt Krista got to meet baby Whit for the first time and we are SO glad she lives closer now!!
And yes, Connor hopped of the boardwalk and sat down and started playing in the sand. He LOVED it!!

One of things I remember thinking when laying in the hospital a few weeks ago was I am never going to get to see my babies play in the ocean again. 
My happy place, so to have this sweet picture (even if I have a TON of baby weight to loose) means thw whole world to me!
Action shot!! This fella had us in stitches the entire time!

Sister discovered sandcastle making!!
We probably made 10!!! IT was soooo fun!!!

Noone was here. Weather was perfect. 

It was truly amazing!!

We were sooo lucky to have our photographer meet us down there and snap a few quick pics. Cant wait to get them back and share with you.

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