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Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Day of Pre-k

I cannot wrap my mind around this being our last year at home with my big girl. 

Soooo much has changed and happened in her short little life and this summer she just blossomed from a toddler into a little girl.
She definately has my sarcastic sense of humor and makes me laugh all the time. 

She loves her school and I am just shocked by all she has absorbed there. 
One day this past spring, just driving down the road... she starts reciting the Pledge of Allegaince. I was shocked and all "where did you learn that??" 
At hope mommy, my school... duh!!

I cant wait to see what all she suprises me with this year. 

Our goal is to start kindergarten writing her name and being able to read herself some basic books. 
She is Dying to learn how to read!!
And I love to watch her desire to do these things!!

Here is to an awesome fall!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well... this past week big sister grew up. 
She started her first year of pre-k!

And of course she requested a picture with her puppies.... near impossible friends... near impossible.
But nonetheless I humored her.

The best part... we were on time, she did not cry... and I did not cry!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

howdy folks....

how's the week treated ya??

hopefully not to shabby.....

Have a funny story to share....

It's about one of my kids... 

See back in June i prayed a very very scary prayer with my husband one thursday night. 

I prayed the lord would tell me if i needed to quit my job the next day and where to head to next??

well... the lord answered in a big way, by 4:15 that afternoon i had been laid off (with several others) and little did i know how much of an answered prayer/blessing it would be. 

you see, while i worked there i enjoyed my co-workers, but i LONGED for craft time.

I often went to work exhausted and sleepy because i stayed up late trying to do something.... anything to feed my desire to create.

Well within 2 short weeks of being laid-off, the lord cracked open a creeky small window behind my closed door and began to whisper his plan for me.

Current plan that is....

{sidenote: I have ALWAYS been a babysitter, my brother and i are 7 yrs. apart and who needed dolls when you had your own baby?? then in highschool i was given the rare and wonderful opportunity to nanny for a family in the summers and almost every weekend. To this day these children have molded me into the person i now am. Those precious brown eyes of 3 little boys and one little girl always full of adventure and memories i now daily reflect on. The oldest, one of the smartest most curious children you will ever meet, with a heart of gold (like his mommy) always wanting to read and absorb as much as he could; and the twins, oh the twins, how they loved their Dora, and turkey and apples baby food. Spending time with them over those years in high school and even college, (when baby sister was born).... i knew i could handle childcare. You see the lord had been preparing me for this, slowly but surely over time. I was being "trained" so to speak to teach preschoolers.}

I went to the school where lil' bit goes to and asked if they needed anyone to sub?? Well they did, AND that 4 of the teachers (who had been there for about 5 yrs.) were all leaving at once. 

Well WHOLY GUACAMOLE!! sounds like the good ole lordy to me....

Here i am now, teaching 3 yr olds..... going into our second month of school I have learned alot.

For example.... did you know if you give ten 3 yr olds too much free time they get unbelievably out of control roudy??

And, if you pull out playdoh they all go into precious little cheribs learning mode and will melt your heart in an instant??

well it happens....

this leads me to wednesday....

it was a normal day, everyone did well, even our non-english speaking vietnemiese child didn't cry and was happy. teacher (me) was happy, teacher anna(other teacher) was happy, we were tired but happy. 

Well 2:15 came around and we were making sure everyone was clean, pottied, etc. before mommies arrived. Our sweet little soft spoken double named child's mommy came, we were talking the usual, "how was she, did she eat lunch, yada yada" Mom opens the half-door for double named cutie to leave and our very precocious full-of-life blonde-headed bowl cut (the cute know it all type) stepped up to the door and said "bye double name" she said good bye as well and began to leave classroom.

boy grabs girl by arm and gives a heart-felt hug, she smiles says good bye again... then boy passionately grabs girl smacks a big ole kiss on her cheek. Teacher (me) gasps, mom gasps, girl blushes and runs out of room... boy starts making the awww shucks face and looks up at me and says....

"what??" in the most innocent honest face you have ever seen.....

That my friends, is why i love teaching three year olds. 

And tomorrow, we will talk about loving our friends.... with boundaries of course...

Then we will make homemade playdough!!

Any pointers?? this is make on the oven kind.. Is there a no bake kind?