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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coastal Bathroom Backsplash

Okay so Oyster mirror complete almost complete after attaching the final 2 shells.

So next up was adding a small backsplash.

We knew we wanted something the size of a standard vanity, (this one will soon be replaced) and something that will match the tile we have selected for the shower.

Then we discovered this awesomeness at Lowes!

Yall... they are peel and stick mats... and they are LEGIT!

They were a breeze to install for such a tiny project as this and look great!

Next up is upgrading the electrical outlet to gfi, then the hunt for a vanity begins....

Monday, March 24, 2014

Coastal Bathroom Progress

Remember back at Thanksgiving when my husband took me down to Bayou La Batre' to collect oyster shells. 

Well I have quite a few projects planned for these shells so stay tuned!! 
One incredibly heavy storage container FULL of shells= LOTS of projects.

The mirror in the kids bathroom desperattely needs some sprucing.

The oyster shells were bleached and sundried for 2 days.

I had so much fun sorting through the various sizes of the shells to figure out what would work.

To attach the shells we used clear drying, all purpose construction adhesive

Took maybe an hour to select the proper shells and attach them to the mirror.

here you can see the adhesive underneath and I knew it was dry once clear.

I am going to go back and attach a small rope to the inside rim of the mirror to finish it off. 

Took about 5 days for all of the adhesive to fully cure. 
Then two of the shells werent attached well, so I had to take it back down and reattach.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheery Coastal Update: The Kids Bath

Enough with this cold!!! 

I am ready for warmth, and windows open and no Mosquitos!!!!! 

Can I get an amen??? 

To help brighten spirits around our little piece of America I grabbed some paint, oyster shells and construction adhesive! 

Then, hubby grabbed some white/blonde travertine, a trowel and a construction adhesive mat. 

And here is where we are at! 

Details to follow! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

One Room Challenge... The Reveal

Thank you again Linda, from Calling it Home for hosting this wonderful bi annual event and opening it up to other bloggers.

I have found all kinds of new people to follow and I am loving the inspiration! 
I need to finish visiting all of these bloggers projects but everyone's everything looks amazing!!!
(click on the above image to go see everyone else's work!)

Can't wait to check out all the other link ups today!
SO proud of everyone!!

We have a few touch up's here and there but I'm calling it.
For example the front edge of the countertops has to be special ordered and I just haven't made it over to the store to do so. 

I also need to grab the main white wall's piece of artwork. 
(I am picking it up today so I will update a picture once I pick it up and get it hung.)

The countertop installation proved to be easier than we expected and the plumbing/sink installation was pretty easy as well.
                               Before:                                                                   After:

The drapes do such a great job of softening the space 
and you can't go wrong with this fabric from Kravet.

Alot of you have asked about specifics of the palet wall. 
Casey purchased the boards at Lowe's and its called hobby board. 

I thought this print from Jones Design Company was precious displayed in here!
 And who can resist this adorable scalloped metal/mirror tissue holder from World's Away. 
It's so perfect!!
I found this tassle a few weeks back at a store on the Collierville square, I knew it was a fun element to add to the room and tie in my love for birds!

I'm not loving the burlap ribbon tie back, but it works for now until I make one out of the trellis fabric.

I am still looking for a runner of sorts for this room and I am not quite sure what we need... 
Maybe a medium sized pattern? 
Dash and Albert indooor/outdoor?

Of course I had to incorporate one of my favorite handtowels with a metallic monogram!

Notice the toothbrush holder on the right? That and the toilet paper holder need to be removed but that is a pretty decent patch job left on the wall so I will address that after the big birthday party this weekend.

And.. on a funny note. I LOVE the fresh look of a bead of caulk. I know.... Im a crazy. haha.

Wall Color: Downy by Sherwin Williams
Countertops: Alaskan White Marble
Cabinets: Sockeye by Sherwin Williams
Sink: Kraus
Bird Prints: Target
Trinket Dish: Potterybarn
Lamp: Potterybarn
Wall Sconce: Home goods
Coral: Potterybarn from years ago
Hand towel: Marshall's years ago
Knobs and pulls: Hobby Lobby
Brass Trash Can: Threshold for Target

Thursday, October 31, 2013

ORC Week 5 The Details.

This week I am sharing some of the details before the big reveal next week. 

 We had somewhat if a precarious issue involving bathrooms flooding so for now tr ceilings will not be scraped until we see if they actually need to be replaced. 

Never a dull moment around here!
Several of these elements are going to bring some much needed personality to the space! 

This magazine rack is from pottery barn!

We are going to use this awesome tassel as a curtain tie back for the drape I will be making this week. 
Tissue Holder from Worlds Away

Popped this Jones Design Co Print in this frame and am thinking this would be a fun place to seasonally switch out art!

And another piece of my beloved coral collection is on display!

Time to hit it hard and see if we can get a counter top installed, plumbing run, a sink in, a drape made, and figure out a big piece of artwork for the main wall. (Decided not to use the beagle print!)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

ORC Week 4. Half Bathroom

Ever been the last one to the party??

Like so late it is OVAH. well.... thats kinda how i feel with this weeks linky party for the challenge. 
I do have a viable excuse, (like with any good party) I stitched about 15 monograms, 4 appliques, 4 custom pillows, and started on some drapes. 
(click on image to head over to Calling it Home and see the other bloggers projects)

My machines are Dying for a break so this week I will wrap up 3 small orders and get to work on this half bath!

Despite all my work on orders we did get the countertop taken out, some accessories hung, purchased the sink, and 3/4 of the room painted.

Feeling some accomplishment!!

This next week is to:
*finish painting
*rehang cornice
*hopefully get countertops installed
*install doors on the cabinet
*drill and put new hardware on cabinetry.

I can see the finish line but we aren't there yet... 
Back to where we started.
Here is where we left off last week and what it looked like after pallet wall painted, some accessories hung and a mock up of the countertops.
Pretty obsessed with how this is going to look. 

Still torn on if this portrait of baby girl needs to stay in here or not. 
It's really hard to get a good angle of this room.

All the white was leaving some shadows. 
I promise for great pictures on the reveal week. 

SO excited to already be at this point!
Now that I have some down time to go peruse everyone elses progress!

Friday, October 18, 2013

One Room Challenge Week 3: Half Bathroom

Whew. This week was the actual changing week!
Lets look back at our original before.
And again the inspiration.

We are excited to see some actual change in this room. 

First thing up... removing the mirror!

I must admit I was a little intimidated about removing the mirror at first.
 But these suction cups make it a breeze.

 And... after removing the wallpaper not just one but two layers of wallpaper underneath.

Time to cover it up!!

Pretty sure this micro floral was all over my bathroom in the 80's.

We selected some 1x4x.5 to attach to the wall in a pallet effect. (remember wallpaper with this much paint, etc would basically mean new drywall)

 We took the plunge and bought a nail gun. 
This thing was SOOO fun!

I laughed when I saw this picture. I was rocking out to my favorite pandora station when hubby snapped this!

Had to remove the light to make some specific cuts with the jig saw around the light kit.

And everything except the 3 trip pieces around the toilet.
Hope to finish that trim, paint and start working on the countertop this next week. 

Stay tuned. 
Its the home stretch!