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Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby w two months old

I thought the first month flew by... Whew... We were finally settling in after getting back from Atlanta.
Getting to just sit at night and relax and hold my baby was exactly what the dr ordered!!
We were able to get his reflux meds all figured out and he started to just sleep the night away and Love bathtime!!!
Chubby bunny!!!!!
Oh! We discovered this little mister is quite cold natured!!! He Must be swaddled almost all the time!! 

Glad I bought a little bunting for this fall to keep him extra cozy and warm ;)
Around 7 weeks he starte to blow bubbles and Smile!! I thought my heart would burst when I saw this smile for the first time! 

Right at right weeks he got a touch of the sniffles the rest of the family had. 
His little fave got so swollen!! 
And if course he made his roll tide public service announcement on Facebook! 
An here we are in the "monthly" picture chair.
Forgive me... I forgot at 4 weeks and just this week ordered the belly stickers! So next month.... Look for those! 
Happy 2 months William Thomas! 
Can Not wait to hear your sweet laugh soon! You are smiling up a storm so I know it's around the corner!