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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mirrored Furniture

For quite some time I have been in love with mirrored furniture. 
{via decorpad}

I was unsure exactly where I wanted to add it into my home.
{via decorpad}
Then I found this gorgeous buffet at Pier 1. {not featured on their website}
Which got me thinking, mirrored in my dining room.... yeah, i could totally make it work!!
{via pier 1}this piece about $500
buffet similiar to this piece. $799.00

I knew this piece was decent quality but continued to look for something that might be a better deal. 
Then I remembered a place on Front Street my mom told me about. 
this company sells alot of their items to Horchow. 
After perusing Horchow's site I found a piece I loved and set off to Worlds Away's scratch and dent warehouse and found this piece almost exactly. 
{via decorpad}
{via Horchow}
price $759.90

the detailing is so beautiful.
My piece $350.00

so how did I get it for this price??
small ding that can easily be replaced thanks to my super handy friend.
{she has experience working with mirrors and can help me fix it in no time flat!!}

did I mention they threw in a solid wood floor lamp for $45.00??
it was orange and needed a fresh coat of paint, but i didn't care!!