Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Floor Lamp- Copy Cat Chic

Okay so the saga to find just the right pieces for our den continues. I think I find something then nah, doesn't work. Other than a rug we have been torn as to adding a floor lamp or a small table and lamp on the non-chaise side of the couch.

Ever since our trip to Atlanta this summer I have been in LOVE with things at Z Gallierie. 
Everything is so chic and seems to be so well made so I start there as my launching point when I move on to the next items to complete this room. 
That brings me here. 
She would look Great in the spot in ? if you will.
But she costs $269.00
Which isn't horrible but I mean why not look for a little bit more reasonable right?
Yesterday I stopped in Kirkland's to peruse.
Usually I find very little in there that wows me. 
But this guy....
Had such similar lines to the Mariposa lamp from Z Gallerie I thought about it....
Then I saw the price tag of $49.97!!!!

Heck yes I will. 
Thinking of spray painting this beauty a gloss white!!

Have you found any copy cat deals lately??

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Sonneman said...

Fabulous Floor Lamps! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!