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Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge: The Big Girl Room Project

Its that time folks!!! 

This will be my third project to link up with the one room challenge and this time I refused to bite off more than I could chew!!
soooo we are working on sisters room!!

Y'all.... this house was soooo special when we moved in, The door to the left leads into the room over the garage.

First and foremost is to make sure the passway into this room is open!
(thats where the design and monogramming action happens!)

Baby/guest room was the original intention of this space when we moved in 20 months ago. but... naps, me working etc... just didn't serve this space well. So we finally decided to move sister in here and she is soo excited to make this space hers!

Those mini blinds went stat upon move in!!

This room sat this way until we moved her into here last summer. 
peach walls, grey carpet and blue light still intact!

This was her "we just moved" thrown together room. 

It totally wasn't meshing!

So here we are with a totally blank space. 

The plan is to use the same paint color and rug. 
She ADORES them!!!
we are using a beloved lilly bedskirt and if we can find the duvet that too. 
(its missing!!! wahhhh)

So I am keeping it simple and real easy this challenge!
Paint, a light, sheets, pillows, a desk, and some art. 


Let's get started!!!

Can't wait to see all of the lovely spaces this round!!
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Now off to check out the other spaces!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look For Less: Herringbone

As my baby boy will soon be transitioning into a toddler boy I have been rough draft planning what I would like for his big boy room.

One thing I have envisioned is this Serena and Lily Blanket.
Lawd have mercy on my sweet soul!! 
Thats alot of money for a little fella to make a mess on...

That is until.... Target once again brought their A game!
Fiddy Dolla?? Yes Please!!

Can you tell the difference in the pattern?

I think this time I will take the Copy Cat Chic version!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Big Girl Room Rug

As I am sure you all know Dhurri Rugs are all the rage. 
I knew if we were going to be staying in our home a Nice, emphasis on nice rug was going to be necessary for Big Girl's room. 

A 16x16 room needs something in it. 
Since living here we have been through 1 garages sale rug, and 2 remnant carpet pieces. Bottom line is they were not good quality and I was continually replacing them!!

Below is the "ideal" rug for the space. It pulled out the pop of pink I was using as an accent in the room and introduced it in a sophisticated way. 

I am thinking this rug can grow with us as she gets older. 

So... I started saving....

Then one day a few weeks ago a friend of mine called FREAKING OUT!! 
Literally yelling get to the pottery barn outlet NOW!!!

I am thinking this rug can grow with us as she gets older. 

So... I started saving....

$550 isnt terrible by any means.

Then one day a few weeks ago a friend of mine called FREAKING OUT!! 
Literally yelling get to the pottery barn outlet NOW!!!

All the rugs were marked half off!!!

The outlet price was $399.99 marked down to $99.99 the HALF OFF!!!!!!!

I felt the biggest adrenaline rush of my life to get there and get that rug!!

I also bought a small Dhurrie for the Guest House for $25.00!!

Such divine finds!!

So, now all we need to complete this big girl space is a mirror, a headboard, and a few more pieces of wall art!

We decided when we moved back in to move her bed against the wall to give her some more play space. 
(dont worry this greek key lamp is not in here any longer)

Thus far we LOVE it!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kids Bathroom Update

Once we found out we were having a boy we knew a shabby chic pink bathroom would not foot the
bill. I mean, the bathroom is in his room. So we packed away all our cute shabby chic-ness (for another house) and decided to make this a boy/girl bathroom they can both enjoy.
 This is a very narrow bathroom so using less really was more here. 
(Luckily, behind the door is a nice deep linen closet so a lot can be stored there.) 
 btw the yellow lighting and lime green walls made this small space really difficult to photograph. :\
 We found the shower curtain online; Garnet Hill.
And we had someone make the bottom frame and the top distressed frame is from a local crafts fair we attended back in the fall.

 I just stuck a picture I had in the top frame.
In the bottom one is the card of the company who made the frame, waiting on little fella to arrive so I can fill it with pictures of both the kids.
 and yes, we still need to replace the caulking around the tub.. adding that to daddy's"to-do" list.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Room to Grow

So.... it has taken me far far too long to  get Anna Caroline's room the way i would like it, I am at the tip of the iceburg almost there and just busting at the seems to share with you guys, so without further adeu, the almost, not quite finished room!!
Sorry, she refused to move, she would just stand there and twirl her hair... okay so here it goes, found a sign like the Grace sign over the closet at a shab-fabulous store by my parents that I loved, but not for 98.00!!
So I bought a piece of wood and got to work, for $5.00 i think it looks pretty dang good. 
The plates on the left have lillies painted on them with bumble bees flying nearby, found these in mom's attic.

The piece of furniture with missing wood, well this is a side of the road, authentic Pottery Barn piece, throw this to the curb because one piece of wood is missing?? I think not, now if i can just remember to buy the wood when i am at the home improvement store i will be doing really well.

This painting our sweet babysitter painted for us as a gift when i told her i was wanting a soft girly feel, and the idea of ballerina's came to mind. One day soon Candace will be selling her pieces for lots of money and i will gladly be a showcase home. ;)

This gorgeous lamp I actually found sitting in my cousin's garage, he graciously gave it to me, it was his Grannie's.

And this picture fram came from my most favorite store in town.
This store is so original, always new and exciting things to see.

Below is the right side of the room,  the gown on the right is the christening gown my mom made for my children, yes it is super girly, but my mom and i designed it so even my sons will wear this....

I ADORE this hook holding the christening gown!!

Here are a few close ups of the dress, we did godet insertions, love the hand embroidery R mom created and the puffing in the godet insertions.

 And Here is the bed, if you remember from my previous post on the bedding, this comforter was a bed in a bag, that i added the lilly pulitzer shams to (on clearance for $11 a piece at the lilly store) and the painting above her bed i found on I did not like the $195 or $250 price tag associated with this piece so i grabbed a paintbrush and went to work.... What do you think??
HERE is the link to the original.....

So i leave you with one parting question..... with the view of the room when you walk in directing you to a blank wall.... do i have a vinyl decal quote printed?? or fill the wall with about 9 of these??
 This is the view of the room when you walk in.... pretty bare, don't you just love the bed rails??
I love the pom balls in the corner and so does AC, when we lay down at night she watches them twirl from the fans breeze, its like a big kids mobile. haha..... HELP... what to do with the wall.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Her Bedding!!!

After getting everything (well almost everything ironed)i rushed downstairs to get the bed made. 
For those of you that havent had the priveledge of meeting my inner obsessive comulsive tendencies, brace yourself... its ugly. I will pull and tuck at a flat sheet until its just so. 
Then the hospital corners... my sweet friend Abbie and I lived together our sophomore year at Alabama and she really taught me the art of hospital corners. So then i begin to perfectly tuck the corners. Next comes the pillow placement, fluffing and tucking then comes the comforter. 
Yes i ironed the comforter 3 times, once on the bed i even ironed!! 

Love the embroidery on the sheets.

Just like the bedding in the Serena and Lily catalog!
Ended up finding this at TJ Maxx for $39.00!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Girl's Bathroom Reveal-Shabby to the Chic

Her it is... baby girl's bathroom.

 I am very pleased with all the elements coming together for a shabby chic, clean, fun children's bathroom.
okay i just couldnt stand not showing this to you guys. Casey and I havent found the trim we want to use above the beadboard and are planning on finding that and installing in the coming weeks. However i think these small changes created a high impact change in this very tiny space. We only spent 385.00 on the whole remodel... I very carefully shopped and found this incredible idea over here.

Rhonda at used beadboard wallpaper found at Home Depot and Lowe's and it creates the same look as actualy wooden beadboard but is much cheaper and easier to remove for the next owner. I am so thankful to her bringing this gem to blog land.

We still need to find some tiny lampshades to put over the chandelier's bulbs.
All in all I really like the outcome.

Love my glass shelf !!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kids Bathroom Deconstruction

Remember this post where we picked out our accessories? 

Time to demo so we can decorate!!
snake showerhead???

There is a special place in this world for these things....

There are no words for this light fixture. 
I know the pics are up in reverse order but i am using my sisters laptop and she has some funky settings for the mouse on and it wont allow me to load the pics in order.

 old flooring on the left, view of aweful tiles, new flooring on the right.
okay when we moved in, the walls were tan, underneath reveals a much worse color.... deep deep rust. if it were fire brick i could see making it work but such a dark color for such a small space screams troubles.... so we thought again.. GREEN. 

I know my whole dang house is green but again its the color of growth and prosperity..... here is the whole patched from the aweful tiles.

This is the hole where we removed the 9 tile backsplash behind the sink. Such an unusual addition to a home.

Stay tuned for more!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kids Bathroom Accessories

This is the rug and the basis for the bathroom design. Super shabby chic. (before and afters coming) all we really have left to do is paint the beadboard, attach the trim, and resecure the pedestal sink to the wall....

here is our cherry blossom shower curtain.... this is our precious chandelier in the new bathroom....