Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Room to Grow

So.... it has taken me far far too long to  get Anna Caroline's room the way i would like it, I am at the tip of the iceburg almost there and just busting at the seems to share with you guys, so without further adeu, the almost, not quite finished room!!
Sorry, she refused to move, she would just stand there and twirl her hair... okay so here it goes, found a sign like the Grace sign over the closet at a shab-fabulous store by my parents that I loved, but not for 98.00!!
So I bought a piece of wood and got to work, for $5.00 i think it looks pretty dang good. 
The plates on the left have lillies painted on them with bumble bees flying nearby, found these in mom's attic.

The piece of furniture with missing wood, well this is a side of the road, authentic Pottery Barn piece, throw this to the curb because one piece of wood is missing?? I think not, now if i can just remember to buy the wood when i am at the home improvement store i will be doing really well.

This painting our sweet babysitter painted for us as a gift when i told her i was wanting a soft girly feel, and the idea of ballerina's came to mind. One day soon Candace will be selling her pieces for lots of money and i will gladly be a showcase home. ;)

This gorgeous lamp I actually found sitting in my cousin's garage, he graciously gave it to me, it was his Grannie's.

And this picture fram came from my most favorite store in town.
This store is so original, always new and exciting things to see.

Below is the right side of the room,  the gown on the right is the christening gown my mom made for my children, yes it is super girly, but my mom and i designed it so even my sons will wear this....

I ADORE this hook holding the christening gown!!

Here are a few close ups of the dress, we did godet insertions, love the hand embroidery R mom created and the puffing in the godet insertions.

 And Here is the bed, if you remember from my previous post on the bedding, this comforter was a bed in a bag, that i added the lilly pulitzer shams to (on clearance for $11 a piece at the lilly store) and the painting above her bed i found on Poshtots.com. I did not like the $195 or $250 price tag associated with this piece so i grabbed a paintbrush and went to work.... What do you think??
HERE is the link to the original.....

So i leave you with one parting question..... with the view of the room when you walk in directing you to a blank wall.... do i have a vinyl decal quote printed?? or fill the wall with about 9 of these??
 This is the view of the room when you walk in.... pretty bare, don't you just love the bed rails??
I love the pom balls in the corner and so does AC, when we lay down at night she watches them twirl from the fans breeze, its like a big kids mobile. haha..... HELP... what to do with the wall.....


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful, Jenny Beth! I agree that the blank wall needs some sort of treatment. Our former Student Ministry admin, Kaitlin, is actually a rep for Uppercase Living (they specialize in wall quotes/decals etc). Here's a link to her product site if you'd like to take a look: http://katemetheny.uppercaseliving.net/Home.m (Try this path: Products -> Shop -> Dreaming -> Kids Bedroom) Good luck!! :)

Stephanie said...

Love it Jenny Beth!!! I can't believe you painted the ballerina painting over her bed. Great job!! This post is not helping my itch to want to redo my entire house =) but I love it!

SEW said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anna Caroline's room!! Super cute!! As for that wall, I'm not really into the decal quotes--they just aren't my style so I would do the other in a 3x3 on that wall. And don't you just love finding Lilly stuff on sale! It makes my day whenever I do!!