Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Homemade Pickles Please!!

Recently I was reading Flythroughourwindow.com and Darby put up a recipe for homemade pickles.

Well, cannin' has always been on my bucket list so off I went to gather the ingredients needed.

 Hubby and I actually made a night of working in the kitchen together, we had a blast!!

The house did reek of vinegar and dill weed for a few hours but hey, totally worth it for the pickles.

(set out a small ramekin of baking soda and the smell will be gone within an hour)
Step1: Cut onions.

Step 2:  cut all the cucumbers

Step 3: place in mason jars

Step 4: Add cider mixture. 
Go here for the cider mixture and full directions.

Refrigerate without lids for 24 hrs. and then add lids and they are ready in 1 week. yippee.... 

Check 1 off the bucket list!!

post update: after 2 years we still have the pickle starter and all we have to do is add either regular cucumbers or pickling cucumbers to the mix and let them sit for a while sooo good!!

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Steph said...

Well, I thought I commented on this last night but apparently it didn't publish :) LOVE me some homemade pickles. I'm going to have to test this recipe myself. Brings back some great childhood memories. And I love Darby at flythroughourwindow.com. She's hilarious & definitely one of my fave blog reads!