Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Render, A paper-doll decor tutorial

As many of you may already know I was a fashion design major at The University of Alabama. (yes it is a real program and actually a few notable people graduated from it, i.e. Anthony Williams from this last season of Project Runway.)
Okay, get to the point jenny beth....sorry i do love to ramble.

One of the classes I hated,loved for reasons because it stretched me in ways i had never been stretched before was Fashion Illustration.
photo credit, ua hes website. (this is the Photoshop class)
Our instructor, Brian Taylor was not too much older than the students and we had a blast. We were always talking about the lastest fashions, what celebs were wearing, ya know the usual. 

Whenever we would veer too far from the path of learning, Brian would gain control of the classroom by yelling "Render!!!!"
{to render, artistically, means to create, shade, and texture an image.}
and back to work we would go, I began to actually love the pieces I created and I learned so much in one short semester, (to see some of my work here is a link to my very amateur portfolio.)

So..... when I discovered Erika of Urban Grace Interiors I fell in love with the beautiful plates over her baby's crib.

Absolutely stunning!! 

I began to think very lofty thoughts of rendering some of my most favorite outfits to hang over AC's big girl bed. Then.... I realized what I was committing myself to and went to mom for advice. 

Well being the hoarder, keeper of some very lovely treasures, She left the room for a while and emerged with 3 huge folders of all her paper dolls from the late 50's and early 60's!!!! SCORE!

The next day I went to buy my mod-podge and clear plates. $17.00 later I was set to create my one of a kind plates. 

If you remember my recent post on AC's big girl room you will remember my question as what to do with the main wall.

To Create mine I...
selected 9 of my moms paper dolls and photo copied them.
Purchased 9 clear dessert plates from Garden Ridge.
1 yard of burlap from Hancock's Fabrics
1 large bottle of mod podge
9 plate holders.

Step 1: 
Flip plate face down and trace the plate shape onto the burlap.
Cut 9 circles the size of the whole plate.
Step 2: 
Cut out the photo copies of the paper dolls (make sure its on card stock!)
Step 3: 
use a sponge brush to paint the UNDER side of the plate with mod podge
Then lay your paper-doll image in the middle of the plate

Step 4:
place the precut burlap circle on the back of the plate and ON TOP of the burlap paint on another layer of mod podge.
*allow the plate to dry face down for a few hours.

Flip over, trim excess burlap, attach plate hanger and enjoy!!
I think the plates really complete the room with a personal touch. I am so thankful I ran across Erika's blog and got inspired to create a set of the lovely items myself. 

Erika's plates are from an adoreable etsy shop called TreeHousePress.
These unique one of a kind pieces go for $72.00 a piece. 

I am very pleased with my $17.00 {for all 9} collection.  


McCarthy Designs said...

Your colletion of plates looks fantastic. Well done Jenny Beth and you made a huge saving! xx

Jenny Beth said...

Thanks!! I am really pleased with how well they turned out.

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Scarlett said...

I need you to decorate my next house!!! I love everything you do.