Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prim and Proper

I have been meaning to share this room for quite some time and am just now getting around to it. 

You see this room, it is my mom's absolute favorite in her home. 

This is where she likes to curl up and take her afternoon nap, its the frilly, "do not touch" room. 

I am not kidding you when i tell you we were only able to step foot in there within the past 5 years.

Mom LOVES, loves, LOVES pink and green, so DUH on the color scheme when she orchestrated this room.
This chair makes me swoon!!
Wish I could say this was a thrifty find, but mommy was a good girl and saved all her allowance to purchase her!!

Some of my other favorites in the room are mom's Herend collection, and my nannie's china and crystal.

Here is my nannie, sometime before her wedding to my pawpaw in the 40's. 
Love it!!
 Snuck a pic of mama reading some of her fancy schmancy, practical living room literature  after conversing with me by the pool for a few minutes.... 
she will kill me for uploading this. hehe. sorry had to.
Hope you are all having a wonderful tuesday!!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jenny Beth, thanks for the note! Your mom's room is very pretty & we do have a love of bunnies in common. Pink & green are a nice combo, tell her she did a good job.

Thanks for reading!

Jenny Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I knew you would enjoy! Have a wonderful week!

Tamara Alayna-Sofia Ellis said...

I could so eat this room up! Yummy! One can tell it's a very special space, loved by detail.