Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's about Twine, i mean time..

HAHAHA okay now that you all know i am the corniest person on the planet just wanted to let you know i am still here and have LOTS LOTS LOTS to share this week. 

My goal is to post twice a day for 7 days.

Let's see if i can live up to that promise....

In the past 14 days i have cleaned, sewed, painted, cleaned, did dishes, lost my job and started applying for new ones, made homemade pickles, cleaned out the attic, gone through all of baby's clothes since birth (HUGE UNDERTAKING) what else??? Did i mention i lost my job?? 

It's really okay, honestly it is such a blessing to know the lord has ultimate control. Things have been tense at work since our dispatcher was given orders to return to active duty with the Coast Guard, more was placed on my plate and my supervisor's. I have been praying the lord would show me his will and if this is where i needed to remain. After praying that prayer thursday night, he answered it at 4:01pm friday afternoon. I think the president of the company was a little shocked with how "at peace" I was with everything.....
All that being said I have had some other very very exciting opportunities 
the lord has also laid on my heart,
they require that leap of faith into the unknown....

It will require me to be very diligent, use my creativity to it's fullness, 
and allow me the opportunity to be with my sweet blessing ALOT more.

In the words of a true southerner, "If yall are prayin' people, join me in lifting these 
concerns before the lord."

Heavenly Father, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be at peace with my current circumstance. You have never failed me, and I know your love will comfort me in my times of despair.
God, show me how to trust you even more, I give my talents, and thoughts and financial concerns to you. Continue to humble me at your feet and show me how to show your love to each i encounter. 
Romans 8:25
But when I look forward to what i do not yet have I wait for it patiently and confidently!!

Love you all dearly and thank you for being such dear friends.


McCarthy Designs said...

It is wonderful that the Lord has granted you peace at this stage in your life. I am praying with you that you are given the strength and the guidance to go forward in faith and start your new adventure! God bless. xx

Shannon said...

You have such a wonderful outlook given your current situation! That's remarkable and really shows the kind of person you are! Good for you! Stopping by from Southern Mommas, and I look forward to dropping by often. Hope you have a great week! Good luck on your goal of posting 2x a day for a week.

SEW said...

It's so encouraging to see how much trust you have in God! When I start to worry about not having found a job yet, I have to remind myself that it's not in my hands and that I should be thankful for that! Thanks for posting this--I needed to hear it :)