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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Awesome Swag!! I Love Warehouse Sales!!

Did you guys get the email from Pottery Barn Kids over the weekend??
I was able to score some sweet deals on some odd and end things for the kids!

I would be lying to you if I told you I had not been lusting over these two beds....
alas... what we have works and we do not need these.
I did grab this neutral crib sheet for 9.99 for the new baby!!
And these shams for sister for 5.99 a piece!
(click the image to go to the link)
Did you happen to snag anything from the sale?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look For Less: Herringbone

As my baby boy will soon be transitioning into a toddler boy I have been rough draft planning what I would like for his big boy room.

One thing I have envisioned is this Serena and Lily Blanket.
Lawd have mercy on my sweet soul!! 
Thats alot of money for a little fella to make a mess on...

That is until.... Target once again brought their A game!
Fiddy Dolla?? Yes Please!!

Can you tell the difference in the pattern?

I think this time I will take the Copy Cat Chic version!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Big Girl Room Rug

As I am sure you all know Dhurri Rugs are all the rage. 
I knew if we were going to be staying in our home a Nice, emphasis on nice rug was going to be necessary for Big Girl's room. 

A 16x16 room needs something in it. 
Since living here we have been through 1 garages sale rug, and 2 remnant carpet pieces. Bottom line is they were not good quality and I was continually replacing them!!

Below is the "ideal" rug for the space. It pulled out the pop of pink I was using as an accent in the room and introduced it in a sophisticated way. 

I am thinking this rug can grow with us as she gets older. 

So... I started saving....

Then one day a few weeks ago a friend of mine called FREAKING OUT!! 
Literally yelling get to the pottery barn outlet NOW!!!

I am thinking this rug can grow with us as she gets older. 

So... I started saving....

$550 isnt terrible by any means.

Then one day a few weeks ago a friend of mine called FREAKING OUT!! 
Literally yelling get to the pottery barn outlet NOW!!!

All the rugs were marked half off!!!

The outlet price was $399.99 marked down to $99.99 the HALF OFF!!!!!!!

I felt the biggest adrenaline rush of my life to get there and get that rug!!

I also bought a small Dhurrie for the Guest House for $25.00!!

Such divine finds!!

So, now all we need to complete this big girl space is a mirror, a headboard, and a few more pieces of wall art!

We decided when we moved back in to move her bed against the wall to give her some more play space. 
(dont worry this greek key lamp is not in here any longer)

Thus far we LOVE it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The deal of the century.

Okay sooo... I have a bargain hunting obsession. 
First was my double jogger.
Then the baby bjorn bouncer! 
Remember This post? 
Then the childrens shoenhut baby grand piano (it stays at my parents).

So now i go in stores with no agenda and what I find I find... Well I found this set of patio chairs at my recent visit to Essex!

They are from Walmart and retailed for 599.99. Not what I originally envisioned for our screened in porch but promising.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a decent style at Walmart!! I never go in there!
The box said half off.
I shook my head in disbelief when I realized this was a box of SIX chairs for $31.00!!!!!!! 
Yes thirty one!!!! 
I ran to the register with the price tag in hand to snag this thing! That means I got the chairs for about 2.50 a chair and the cushions per chair for about 2.50!!
It was brand new and I was soo proud of this deal! 
Now to find a table.... Hmmm. I will post an actual picture once we get the swivel mechanism on the "end" chairs. 
These suckers are Heavy!
Have you guys found any "out of this world" deals lately?? 
 Would love to hear about them!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deals Deals Deals

Okay, So I know I have been on a super deal kick lately so why stop now??

Recently a friend of mine found out about a store chain based out of Tennessee called Essex Bargain Hunt.

For those of you who live in Mississippi and Alabama you may be familiar with Hudson's Dirt Cheap.

Basically this store is a super discount retailer selling everything from tv's, patio furniture, light fixtures to some clothing and baby items. 

The get their items from what I can tell, from Amazon, Overstock, WalMart; and pretty much all kinds of returns various companies don't take the time to process so they sell to a discount retailer. 

For the first 30 days an item is for sale for the marked price.

After the first 30 days it gets discounted 10% for every 10 days an item sits in the store. The lowest the price can go is 90% off.

YES 90% OFF!!!!

Well, my inner-bargainista was itching to find a deal so I loaded up and headed to a store nearest me. 

Here is what we got!!
Manufacturer's box of boogie wipes.
They indidually retail for 3.99 a pop.
Would have been $50.00 for 12 boxes, as you can see on this item I paid $18.99.
Here they are for sale for $31.00 on Amazon.

And for those of you who are mommies and have never purchased these??? They are GREAT for crusty & runny noses. Makes the wiping-the-nose-fight much less severe!

Ever heard of a Goodbyn?
I found them on either Rue LaLa or The Foundary or one of those sites for like $9.99.
Lil bit was needing a new lunch box and I knew this would be a nice divided container to use for school.
Not only that but it's BPA Free!!
(imagine me tree hugging and saving the planet one lunch at a time;)

Watch this video:

I love it so much I had been looking to buy another... then I discovered they are $25.00 a pop. 
I decided to wait for a bit and see if it would go on sale.
(I have seen them at whole foods btw)

Although the sticker says it was 13.99 it was 40% off because it had been in the store since August!!

I got us another Goodbyn for $8.40!!

This was my biggest deal!! Are you ready??
Ever Seen the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seat?

I haven't, and I was planning on trying to do without a bouncer this go around.... That is until I saw the price!!

As you can see it's kinda pricey! $170!

Guess how much I paid?
Since this had been in the store since June it was 90% off!! 
I paid $9.60!!!
Anyone trying to do organic diapers for your little one??

Look at this deal!

This box of 4 packs of size 2 Seventh Generation organic diapers says $24.99.

Since it had been in the store for longer than 30 days it was marked an additional 20% off!!!
14.99 for 4 packs of 40 ct diapers!!!!

In total I got 320 (2 of these boxes) size 2 diapers. Paid $30.00. 

That averages to .08 per diaper!!!
BTW these are usually .34 a diaper!!!
According to this box usually runs $40 a box. 

 I can't even touch that with coupons!

As you can see just from these few items we saved some serious money on stuff I was already planning on buying, or not haha. Some deals were just too good to pass up!!

Be back later to blog the other items!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chic find

So found this great little table in Ballard Designs spring catalog!!
I am needing something small and round to break up the modular lines in my den

While in the process of looking for this table I came across a new blog!!

*this girl has got such great taste!! Lemme tell ya!!

She found this exact table I had been looking for at Kohl's!!

Isn't it great!!! And here is the best part!

Not too bad paying $30.00 instead of $139.00!!

That's my chic find of the week!!