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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Festival

Friday night we met some friends at the fall festival!

The girls held hands and danced and we made to catch everything...
We had a great time!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is it October yet??

First thing first... grab my wreath I purchased last year at a craft show in Birmingham and devise a way to hang it on my new front door.
ok... check..
now to make my ferns look more substantial I purchased two pots from Lowes and placed the ferns on top... and of course I picked up some pumpkins.

My pumpkin on the right was purchased at Bella Vita.

Now... indoors...

Last year I was given a $15.00 budget and free reign to design whatever. 

First thing i did was go to Joann's and buy the cinnamon witches broom and ran over to mom's to raid her ribbon stash. 

All that was done was the hot glue gun was heated up and i looped the ribbon and glued it on...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy....

The circles are just pipe cleaners woven together and intertwined into garland.

I printed label's off of Love Manor's Flickr stream and just Modpodged them onto the jars I bought at Joann's.

Think I like Joann's cause... I DO!!

Oh... and don't forget to decopage the edges!! gives it the authentic look.

Here are the label's used for my Poison jar and the Werewolf's Fur. CLICK HERE.

Then I took some green food coloring, filled the jar with water and stuck some eye ball bubble containers into the jar.
There was a little bit of soap left over from cleaning the jar out last year and the bubbles added just the right amount of spooky effect to make this look like a real poison. haha.

On to the next bit.. I wanted to complete a vignette for our dining room. 

This is what we had to start with....
So I gathered a little of this and a little of that and here is what I came up with for the sterling/silverware cart.

Now.. has anyone ever see the vintage halloween boxes stores have??
They are precious but upwards of $85.00 for a paper mache box and glitter... I think not. 

Used this little guy as my inspiration... bought some 89 c. craft paint and went to town.

this guy was $4.50 at our local Schunck's grocery.

Then I found these 3 boxes out in the guest house.

I used craft paint and painted all components flat black.
Clearly my dots and free handing skills were not so hot so I ran to Michael's for reinforcements. i.e. paint pens and some silver glitter..... Then I found this AHmazing ribbon.....

I completed one box at a time and some looks more modern... That is until I found these incredible images and the vision started to emerge...

Then I downloaded the Circus font from
Went into word and spelled out Happy Halloween
used some resume paper I have lying around, cut out and modge podged it on.

In the end a little glitter, and lots of dots later, here is the completed look.... soooo in love with this guy.

And all three layers stacked together....

The table was missing something so, again i headed to google and searched spooky silhouettes...

After what seemed 37 pages of results I found a link to a pdf containing these wonderful silhouettes...

Well the child was by far my favorite so I used an old picture frame and printed her out and added her to my entry table.

Hope each of you are enjoying decorating for fall as much as I have... 

Check back and see what else I do to complete my halloween decor around the home. 

I am linking up to the fall festival at This Blessed Nest

Monday, November 16, 2009

Much overdue

AC celebrated her first birthday this past week. We had a party on saturday and lots of mommy and daddys friends came to celebrate. Also, here are some pics of this fall, halloween, and general mischeviousness.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Way down yonder in the pumpkin patch.

Okay so when I was a kid my mom made up this song called the paw paw patch. 

We would sing the two verses three times till we got to my grandparents... it was perfect my mom had it down to an art so we werent asking how long till we are there.
"hey nanie nanie nanie, hey nanie nanie now, hey nanie nanie nanie, hey nanie nanie now..
we're...... pickin up paw paw's, lets go find some , pickin up paw paw's let's go find some, pickin up paw paw's lets go find some way down yonder in the paw paw patch..."

now that AC is absorbing everything we say and do i am trying to devise a song to sing on the way over to my parents. this hit me on our way to the pumpkin patch the other day.... song to come but enjoy the pics in the mean time.