Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frugalista part two

Okay so for this post i figured i should show you examples of my frugalness and the style is not lacking... first of all my halloween decor...mason jar i had. printed labels on jars offline. crows are bogo at Joann's. pumpkins mom gave me. broom bought at michaels with a coupon, and leaves with a coupon, boo sign from marshalls... total was like 30 bucks.

Another way to save some money is make/buy basic curtains. I chose solid green for the panels in my bedroom at college so i could reuse them again one day. i know i wouldnt be in that college apartment forever and voila... perfect for the nursery...

Other ways to save money are instead of using a contractor to do something hire family and friends to help you with projects. We had caseys dad, Jerry to help us with some crown molding around the front door and i am very pleased how this turned out. 

He did an amazing job! So thankful to have such a handy father in law!

Okay I SWEAR my whole house isnt green. I mean come on though its the color of growth and prosperity, (very fitting for our first home as a family). Everything else is tan or blue, dining room will be yellow when we get it painted... we have just been lazy. Hope you enjoyed! 

Stay tuned for more updates.

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