Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here it is

Okay so... no pics alot of writing lately.. 
I know i know... i have been doing a little bit of soul searching and i think i am going to start doing tutorials on making curtains, clothing, decorating, all that good stuff. what do you guys think?? 

My biggest project right now is finishing the guest house so it can turn into my office. after much dismay the carpet mr. jerry brought in town to put out there wasnt near enough... sooo we have to get carpet and tile for the main room then I can move everything from the kitchen into the main room and paint the kitchen to match... can I please win 2000 bucks, take a month off from work and finish this dang thing??

 I mean seriously... anywho the pond has FINALLY cleared up... woooo hoo I can see my pretty fishies swimming around sooo happy with their life.... today i go to pick up bebe's bday present!!!!!!!! ahhh i cant wait... i got her one little happy today... also!!

Now I need suggestions and ideas on what to do for the birthday cake... bring em on because i am out of ideas and over the three layer cakes with fondant dots.. need something new...exciting.... HELP!!


Erica Baumer said...

I really want to see some pictures of all the improvements you have been doing!!!

rebellindseyloo said...

Jenny Beth- It is Lindsey (Morris) Eaton. I just love your sweet blog and your sweet family! We have been moving too- and I have been pining away for pinched pleat curtains and the right shade of taupe for our walls! My current new obsession is Ballard Designs magazine. I totally relate to your home improvements! And your ideas about decorating lessons- I was thinking of doing that on the side too! Let me know if you start - I would love some fresh ideas!