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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tween Room

Wanted to give you all a quick update of the tween rooms I am almost finished with.
seriously, how cozy looking is this bedding?

Some accessories like the crosses and picture frames were added and I love her little touches on the space. It really makes it "her" room!!

The paintings were commissioned by Candace Mooneyham.
She is a local artist with an incredible talent. 
So honored to call her friend and be able to collaborate on this project together.

All we are missing is one piece of artwork and drapes and this room will be done!!

sources are not provided on paid for projects. 

If you are needing assistance with a current project feel free to add Preppie Peonie on facebook or email at preppiepeonie at gmail dot com.

I offer online and local consulting and design services.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Room for Two: Client Edition

Wanted to share the progress in a little girls room I have been working on!

And on this one I think we will reveal the sources. 

You won't believe me if I don't! The budget for this room is reasonable. It's what a lot of people really want to spend on a room and don't know how to get a whole room for this price! 

Here is the before:

After figuring out the needs of this room we decided to move sister in here! Mom found the main fabric and we have had a blast piecing this room together. We did Not do a style board for the main reason being the budget. If we found something that could work and it fit the bill we went for it!

Here is where we are right now. We still have a few finishing touches but it is coming together beautifully! 
The pink swatch is going to be our euro shams! Hope to get those made before spring break! 

Can't wait to have this room completed!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Modern Eclectic Nursery Redesign- client

Let me start off by saying I absolutely ADORE this girl!! 
We had a blast making this room more functional for her precious 11 month old.

A room she can transition from baby into the toddler years very easily!
We used alot of what they already had and just made the room make more sense for the current stage of life they are in. 

adoreable alphabet letters with a collection of poms for baby girl to look at.

I shared a pinterest tutorial with the mommy and she and her husband whipped up this adoreable tent for their daughter to play in.

Did I mention the mom is an artist??

She did this incredible painting and I thought it would be so fun and playful in the space!!

Is this little red chair not the cutest thing in the whole world??

We used two placemats and put them together for the perfect chair size pillow!

I adore this 3sprouts organic line. 
Such cute and functional storage for kids rooms!!
(you can find it really cheap on amazon!)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Den Design Board-client

Do you remember the post on the completely bare den?

Well here is one of the sample boards I shared with the couple.

It is crazy how you think you are going one direction and you end up going the complete opposite!

I go this weekend to do the final install of all the accessories.

Can NO WAIT to share with you guys!