Friday, June 3, 2011

Purple Room

Okay sooo when we "started" to do lil bit's big girl room we kinda skimped on a few things.
1. her walls were the color of her nursery
2. the bedding for the full size bed was twin size bedding
3. I only decorated with things already in the house

Once AC started talking she informed me she LURVED the color "purtle" aka purple. 
well for the first few weeks of 2011 Casey was out of town with work and I promised her once he returned we would paint her walls.
Fast forward to June??

(taking me longer to do things these days)
The bedding is still no where near finished but we have worked on a few things.
no footboard, new wall color.
at closer look notice the janky bedskirt??
It is now much more pronounced since we removed the footboard from her room.
remember the vintage paper doll plates I made?
{over the bed}
I still love them but I felt the room needed more a pop.
For christmas I asked for the Barbie skectch calendar
{ have a slight obsession with barbie}
One day I decided to use the images from the calendar to frame over AC's bed.

Shortly after getting all of my favorite's framed I found this photo.
Apparently another decorator was inspired by this calendar too.

{via pinterest}

I also managed to find the postcards to put in some frames.

So I think we can consider this part 1 finished. The walls painted, wall decor figured out and tomorrow I will share the bedding and the curtains. 

Oh.. and from the previous post I am sure you have noticed the reading nook is complete.

Dont forget to click to the next post and see how the curtains and bedding turned out.


Sarah said...

very cute!!!! you did a great job!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Wow - that Barbie sketch calendar was a wonderful idea, Jenny Beth. The new wall color makes quite a difference. Hugs, Kim