Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Den: upholstery part 1

The den progress is still slow but steady. 

Last weekend we went to a cousins graduation and on the way dropped these two items off with the upholsterer!! 
This chair is being recovered in a dark charcoal and will also be getting an upgraded paint job. 
And our beloved pottery barn ottoman had seen juice and soft drinks and some magic markets... 
So she is getting a fresh layer of a very similar fabric! 
I have about 5 more weeks before I pick them up so I am anxious to see how they turn out!!

Next up is new fabric for the toile chair!! Soo many options and only 5 weeks to narrow it down!!!   

Monday, May 26, 2014

Baby dedication

This was my last Mother's Day with a new baby. 

So bittersweet. 

I didn't want it to be about me, I wanted it to be about my last baby. 

And the prayers we have prayed for his little heart, and his life. 

And the promise we made to raise him in a home filled with Jesus, teaching him to serve and love, as we all learn to serve each other as ourselves. 
He melts me y'all. 
Pure butter when I get this face. He is so spoiled he won't even cruise the furniture. Too many hands aroundto carry this baby.
This was the last time I would work with my mom to make a precious gown using both our passions out of her stash and my babies stash of fabric. 

I just tried to drink this time in. 

Sure the day was rushed, a little frazzling. But while she held him, I just drank it up. 

And while our pastor stood before our church, I just watched him, and prayed over him and drank it up. 

This baby y'all.. He is the one I didn't know I needed. 

Having 3 is busy, but I have settled into motherhood because of him and if the lord safely provided, I would easily have 1-2 more. 

If you don't mind me asking, after you read this post will you pray for this little one? 

Pray The Lord uses him in mighty ways, for his glory, pray The Lord protects him, keeps him healthy, keeps him humble and makes him wise. 

And in the words of a dear friend. 
"Makes this little acorn of mine into a giant and mighty oak."

(Will add another post from "the big camera" in the next few days!)

Thank you for your prayers friends. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Den Progress

Just a quick little update to say we are at a mild standstill in the den. 

One chair and ottoman have been sent to the upholster!
and it will be 4-6 weeks before we get those things back.

We have found a new ceiling fixture, and a few pillows for the couch.

I am having an exceedingly difficult time locating a coffee table I like.

Suggestions welcome :)

I will hopefully be back tomorrow to show you the plan for the fireplace. 

Then all we have left is picking out fabric for the bergere chair and we will call this room done!

To do:
pillows for the couch
roller shade for the back door
paint the room
pick out a couch
fabric for the arm chair
fabric for the ottoman
new light fixture
artwork above the mirrored piece
plan for the fireplace
flooring for the room

So... just a little over halfway done!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tween Girls Room Part 1

I am wrapping up a decent sized project and am so excited to see everything starting to take shape! 

Here are the before pictures of the room. 

They selected the wall color and the furniture and have called me to help add the finishing elements. Everything from bedding to drapes, to rug, you name it!! 

10 Months

10 months has been all about the food and cutting three teeth! 
See a theme here? 
On this particular Wednesday night he slept with his corn on the cob!!!

Crazy boy, would NOT let go! 
He is starting to really play and have fun with the big kids! 
Still in size 3 diapers

Weighs 19 pounds

Wearing mostly 12m clothing, loves to take his socks and shoes off! 
Says mama, dee dee da da is daddy

Loves to sit and pet Lilly and has discovered the trains and blocks! 

His crawl? Or crab walk rather has gotten Quick quick quick!!! Keeping up with him has gotten to be quite the challenge!! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

A New Wardrobe... Sort Of

Does everyone else agree that after having a baby its time to throw almost everything out and start fresh??

I mean... after 2 back to back... WOW

These hips dont lie.. Yall!

Since baby was born we have been about every 6 weeks and purchased one to two new items, now that there are about 10 items in rotation I finally feel like I am starting to revamp.

The hard part is I am still wanting to loose a few more pounds, with that being said it doesnt make sense to spend a fortune on an "in between wardrobe" ya know?

loving this easy transitional outfit from loft!

(looks like the other items i have purchased are no longer available, trust me, they are cute!)

The shorts are so comfortable!

I have found quite a few workout items online from under armor, etc and paired them with cute workout tops from target. 

My goal is to at least look halfway put together on the days the kids are at school.

What are your go to items for an inbetween wardrobe?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Welcome y'all: inspiration

The entry of this house is in desperate need of some personality!

It's so important to make a good first impression when welcoming someone into your home. 

I have always loves stripes. They just bring such a boldness to a space and I can't wait to stripe our entry area.

Just like in these pictures the stripes will need to lead up into the hallway upstairs

All this inspiration.... I am seeing lots and lots of frog tape in my near future!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Den Makeover: Paint, Lighting and

I did lots of research after we purchased the house and tried to go with colors I knew would be condusive to a home that faces North.

remember our style board?

Luckily our last home faced north, as well so it made things a hair easier. 

I knew anything with brown undertones would make the room way way dark. 

There are no windows to the right wall (west wall) and therefore I would only have very faint light from noon til about 4:30.

We ended up settling on a Valspar color.
Fairmont Penthouse Stone

Shanty 2 Chic did a great job documenting the process. 

She picked the same color!!

Mine is not quite this bright. Looks much more grey in my space, we also chose the satin finish for a higher sheen since the room is so dark. 

Here is the before of the room.

We could only go up from here right?

Clearly this room has had some serious issues and the things I thought were going to work, well... Aren't. 

This is how we sat throughout the holidays, just undecided on a paint color until we had enough friends weigh in and help us decide on Fairmont penthouse stone!
Then we tried this and I thought ah hah!!! 

Ahhh and here is the first shot of the paint color. 

Biggest issue for me here was front door shot to see a side view of a piece of furniture. 

Then we got here and I finally finally felt like this room was cozy. 

Basically it took3 months of rearranging before I deemed this some that blog worthy!

And the light. For me it's the piece de resistance for the room!

And this....
Getting the brick like washed and to this point was huge! 

Be back tomm with more details on the light and some accessories I have found over the past few weeks!

Name Change

I have pretty much been fighting this for over a year. 

I have asked sooooo many blog friends what I should change the name to.

What's me?

Well... truth of the matter is.... I don't want people telling me what to blog. 
So for that reason, I have not partnered with any companies or gone through any ad agencies, thus needing a big fancy blog makeover that is top dollar.

So my sweet friend Brittany said look, you have become and now "ARE" Preppie Peonie.

People see your stuff around town and say... Preppie Peonie is you??? 
No way! 

Incredibly flattering and at the same time the ugh.... LifeOnLyford is dead...

So its time....

The header has been up for a few days, er... weeks and I need to change the blog name.

So... I am making the Jump!

Preppie Peonie...
Custom design, Interiors Consulting, blogger, and Embroidery.

Let's Do this!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

This year my sweet mom made the kids Easter outfits. 

I have her full creative freedom and only helped with lace selection.

While trying to get their picture I asked them to kiss on the cheek and they did this! 
Crazy kiddos. 
We held the annual family egg hunt and the adult hunt got angry.

My parents hide anything from a penny to 50.00 in eggs. Some eggs have a sliver of a paper saying you have a gc for free lunch or Starbucks etc. 
it's SOOOOO fun!

My brother and I were ON it!!

Last year we found the "golden" egg with the 50.00, so brother and sister were out to level the playing field! 
Such fun!
Poppy helping c find his eggs!
Baby napped while we hunted and c got some much needed attention! Haha

Hope you and yours had a lovely Easter with loved ones!! 

I am almost done catching up on old posts so I can be back to blogging at real life speed!