Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Love for Books

It's true!! lil' bit loves books, I just had to capture her face when I told her I bought some new ones!!

We wake up reading and go to bed reading; we have even been known to crawl in bed mid-day and read!

Right now we love...
.curious george
                  .adventures of dick and jane
.nursery rhymes
               .chicka chicka boom boom
         .any fancy nancy book.

On my bedside table is The Tipping Point. {pretty good so far}

What are some books you are enjoying reading??


ashlea said...

Sorry these won't be kids books; that's probably what you meant by your question... Anything Nicholas Sparks, anything Karen Kingsbury, anything Angela Hunt... Mostly Inspirational Fiction lately. Mom likes to pass them on to me. ;)

Sarah said...

ahhh as an english teacher i looooove that she loves to read at such an early issue!! right now i'm still reading so long, insecurity by beth moore. oh girl, you would love it.