Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Goals

I have been meaning to post this since January 1... man does time get away from me.....
The one thing I will say is I am going to wait to show before's because they are located mighty closely to some stuff I am about to reveal.
Anywho on to that list.
First thing is first; our sweet beagle deserves a nice secure fence, and we deserve some privacy in our backyard. Poor thing is just so curious that this past spring he got out a good 20 times.... Now we go out with him to use the restroom and run right back in. Bottom line, his curious personality deserves to be able to roam for a bit and mommy and daddy want to be able to let him do just that.

1. fence in back yard.
2. trim all low lying branches/remove "brush trees" {okay these will have to go first so that we can install the fence in a straight line}
3. finish up the screened in porch {post coming soon with progress thus far}
4. complete master bathroom; found lighting, now just need shower/sink fixture and to do the install/purchasing.
5. build lockers in the kitchen
6. build railing around front door stoop
7. complete landscaping in the front yard
8. find a suitable runner to prevent dirt from being tracked in my house
9. complete den decor, ie painting, rug.. accessories more or less
10. complete master bedroom
11. now that baby is talking she has revealed to us her favorite color; purtle to be exact... and with all this renovating coming on she requested purtle walls when daddy got home from his travels... I mean... how could i resist?? so purple, i have never really liked you, but we are about to embrace in a big big way!
12. oh the dining room, you have always housed everyone in the family's left overs... maybe one day soon you will grow up and get some things of your own... we shall see.

okay... so pretty daunting list and no where near complete. lets see what we can accomplish this year!!

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