Monday, February 14, 2011


Did you hear the exciting news??
I am having an earring giveaway over @ thisblessednest
Here are a few examples of my work.

*these can be made in red, clear lucite, or black

*these also come in white and red and the hoop can be smaller.
*or if you would rather a half scallop those are lovely as well.


Kelly C said...

What a great opportunity - love your store!

Sammy said...

I like the red!

Sarah said...

Proud customer of The Preppie Peonie!!!! I'm running to Kellie's blog to enter because I NEED another pair of earrings!!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Wow this is all jewelry you made? You are SO talented, my friend!!

heytherekt said...

JB- I LOVE your earrings!!

Cha Cha said...

Did I mention how excited I am for you, and that I love each and everyone of them. Let me know when you are ready and I will scream from the roof tops about them on my blog.

Hope you are have a great day,
Cha Cha

Lesa said...

Love your blog and love your work! Very talented. Your blog and Etsy store are definitely going in the favorites list!