Friday, July 25, 2014

Bach Trip in Nashville

I have left y'all out on some big family news. 
My sister is getting married in August so we are all gearing up for that. 

We escaped with a few bridesmaids and a few dear friends for a weekend getaway! 

We woke up and headed to Posh Nail Spa at Green Hills.
This is my friend I met at the nail bar!!! Hahaha
Sister says I always make friends wherever I go. 

We left there and hit the malls!! 
And grabbed a bite to eat at Chuy's 

Ps this gold crown makes my life complete! 

H&M swag!! 
Then we came back to the room to party!!

I just threw together some decorations I had at home. 
Since the weekend was spa themed we grabbed our favorite treats from trader joes for the party! 
I highly recommend the chocolate ice cream Bon bons and the frozen lemon bars!

Everyone went home with their own homemade moisture body scrub!! 
Body scrub recipe: 
8 tbsp Epsom salt
4 oz extra virgin oil 
4 drops DoTerra orange oil
2drops DoTerra vanilla 

Ahhhh mazing!!!

We then headed out to dinner! 
We ate at Tavern and everything was amazing!!! 

Next morning hubs and the kids drove to Nashville and picked me up to head to the beach!!
They grabbed a quick picture and we were on our way! 
Someone is trying super hard to walk! 

Next stop!!!Sandestin!!!  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I blog...

This past week I have done a lot of reflecting. 

I have let a lot of new fun hobbies get in the way and throw off my game. 

Mess with my "mojo" so to speak. 

I have lost "me" in the meantime. 

I LOVE monogramming soooo much but it's time for Me and for boundaries. 
Because I also love ruffles,scallops, and bows. I also love interior spaces, deconstructed furniture, and a good floral fabric! 


First step was turning off all notifications on Facebook, logging out and only checking in once or twice. 

Second step is finishing the 32 drafts I have started and never hit post. 

Third is sharing my why. 

I love to write. I always have. I am not this elaborate, eloquent writer, bu this is my space, my playground where dreams take shape. This little blog has been so therapeutic, in times of frustration and healing, it's been here for me!! And so have all of you lovely friends!! 

Interiors is my passion. Always has been, and always will be. No amount of anything else can pull me from the interiors! 

So.... Let's see and do some more of that shall we?? 

I have all these plans, and style boards, and mini updates to share of this past year. 

For life accuracy several will be backdated to when the work actually occurred. Hope y'all don't mind! But if you are on blog lovin it will come straight to your email! 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

Thank you few readers who have stuck around for my lengthy breaks I have unintentionally taken! 

Health, and falling apart house, and reflux baby, have all been my excuse this past year.


The End.

(All images can be found in my pins on my Pinterest board)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tween Room

Wanted to give you all a quick update of the tween rooms I am almost finished with.
seriously, how cozy looking is this bedding?

Some accessories like the crosses and picture frames were added and I love her little touches on the space. It really makes it "her" room!!

The paintings were commissioned by Candace Mooneyham.
She is a local artist with an incredible talent. 
So honored to call her friend and be able to collaborate on this project together.

All we are missing is one piece of artwork and drapes and this room will be done!!

sources are not provided on paid for projects. 

If you are needing assistance with a current project feel free to add Preppie Peonie on facebook or email at preppiepeonie at gmail dot com.

I offer online and local consulting and design services.

Curb Appeal the Details

Several of you have asked where our light, door knocker etc is from.

So I am back with links to these things. 

And maybe, just maybe if I can get this place all tidy at once I will be back with an updated list of where we are now!

The Pottery Barn Bolton Sconce:
(click on image for link)

Here is the sconce before the brick!

And after painting. 
Man, paint changes everything!

I love the little "leaves" at the base of the light, so much character and brings some serious personality to this boring spot.

 The knocker... ohhhh my knocker. 

This is the ring door knocker in brass by Restoration Hardware.
(click on image for link)

I found this gem at a steal of a deal and knew the door needed this pizazz!
{ignore the fact we need a second coat of paint!}

For the hardware I knew we needed something to coordinate with the light and the knocker, the problem being the knocker is brass, and most doorknobs at stores like Lowe's and HD don't come standard in brass. 

and yes this inner casing still needs to be painted white. 
add it to the list.

we went with something similar to this.
{i can't find the link to our actual knob}
(click on image for link)

And a precious shop in Fairhope, Alabama made the wooden door hanger. 
Kissy Fish Designs is their name!

 The chippendale planters I found at an estate sale!

And the porch pillows were spruced up in a fresh premier prints fabric!!

Left to do:
paint interior casing of front door, 
find a new handle for the storm door
new doorbell
figure out how to "jazz up" or hide, (either one) the lovely box for the home sound system
Gotta love the early 80's!!
continue working in the flowerbeds.

Next up is the flowerbeds, part 1 of 3!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Curb Appeal: The Details on the Paint

In my opinion personal touches are what make a home, well home.

We knew this house was going to need tons of them so slowly and steadily we have been making strides in that department.

Here is the mls picture from last summer, straight from the ole phone! haha
(if you read the previous post you can see all the detailed images with the before and after paint!)

Once we got the house painted we knew we would need a new color for the doors and the trim. 

We sampled about 15 different grey/green/brownish greys. 

After getting lots of opinions from neighbors, friends, passerby's we all determined the grey only drew attention to the roof.

The ugly as sin, stained as all get out roof; that in all actuality is only 7-8 years old. 
With all the other updates necessary I can't justify replacing a perfectly good roof when we Need another hvac, new oven, new carpet, and two new bathrooms.

SO for now the roof stays ugly.

Trim will be the same color as the brick, the siding, the whole shebang. 

We referred to these inspiration photo's from pinterest to help justify our decision.

(although their roof is much prettier than mine it had our colors, felt clean and fresh and who doesnt love a coastal living design??)

And this amazing back yard
loving the almost tone on tone!
(all images are from my outdoor spaces board on pinterest)

Once we determined our main paint color then we needed to determine what color for the front door

My friend lauren and I spent 3 days obsessing over the perfect blue.
Then... she said we have to look online. we just arent finding it! 
(thank you lauren for all your help!)

Low and behold, my blogging friend Amanda, over at Dixie Delights had the perfect blue door.

So before long we had a sample of Rhine River.
(I of course can't find the picture of the 11 tones of blue we tested, but trust me, it was a ton!)
Here is amanda's beautiful entry!
And if you are wondering what her paint colors are here is the board she shared on her blog. 
(once we finish this post I will gladly compile the colors we ended up with.)

So we spent the next few days working on the doors, shutters, etcetera.
The other detail work I wanted to make sure and add was some interest to our extremely boring garage. 

This is Exactly what I was envisioning, so over the remainder of the summer this is one of our little projects we have planned.
again all links are in my outdoor spaces board on pinterst.

The hardware is $20.00 at Home Depot.

And here is how ours currently looks.

Isn't it simply magical what paint can do for a place?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Curb Appeal 2.0

I don't know many people that can see and image this house the way I have. 
Don't kid yourself, this place is pure D ugly.

but... Hubby got ambitious so just a few weeks ago we rented an airless spray gun and went to town!

plenty of befores!!

 Can we take a quick moment and ohh and ahh over our new fancy upstairs air conditioner?
Basically its sad how little has been done to this home, that condensor on the left is original, yes ORIGINAL.... almost everything in this home was original previous to last summer!!!
even the electrical boxes out here had to be switched out. so we definately preserved them!!
Without much else, than "here it goes" we were off.

When I say the painting went FAST.... it went FAST>>>>>>

like here we were 20 minutes later.

 Here would be the bushes on the left we have cut back from 10 ft tall. 
just need to hire someone to remove these two bushes so we can plant something more size appropriate for this space.

we finished the back then went back with the shield to get all the angles.

After 2-3 days of the paint soaking into the brick

We went ahead and freshened up the paint on the mini fence you can see being painted above. 

Then... we spent the past 3-5 agonizing weekends hand painting everything from the first roof line from brown to cream.