Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Traditional Kitchen Facelift- client, well sort of.

First of all, this is the "client"
I have for the last 26 years of my life called them mom and dad.

This is how their kitchen has looked since they moved in their home almost 17 years ago.
(well slightly, if you can see from the stain on the ceiling there was a massive flourescent up there until right before I took this picture.
And the space above the cabinets was recently restyled)

The 90's were all about white, white is nice but slowly, one at a time they have replaced the appliances. All that was left to replace was the electric cooktop and double wall oven.
you get the idea. 

So after many magazines bought, lots of kitchens examined I encouraged them to replace their countertops, faux the cabinets and get a more natural stone backsplash.

Here we are right after the new granite countertops went in. I told them to pick something not too dark so they will like it for many years to come. It fits their very warm toned home and flows well with the adjoining rooms. 

Here is an upclose.

We had the old backsplash professionally removed and backer board installed.
I encouraged them to go with either soapstone or travertine subway tiles for a more modern look in a traditional pallet.

When I took these the countertops had just been installed and we were in the process of repairing a few cabinets before doing one of the cabinet transformations in a box. 

We added a stipple brush to give a more custom painted look. 
(these pics were taken with my phone yesterday afternoon)

We are having a wedding shower over there this weekend. hope to get some good shots of the kitchen then.

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