Friday, April 20, 2012

The Pearl Event

I cannot believe I am almost a month behind on blogging!!!

( I forgot my camera )
I had the tiny digital cam, but it is not the same.

Precious pearls formed inside an oyster.

This is the example dear Sibi uses to illustrate the lords love for us.

He takes a grain of sand, they come a dime a dozen and Encloses it, Covers it, Forms it into something so precious and beautiful.

Such an incredible illustration!

This image is via Cha Cha from the Heartfelt Home.

The Pearl Event, The Double Strand!!

The Magnolia Ballroom was simply magnificent.

Sibi has such an incredible ability to indulge all the senses.

The stunning room.

The most fragrant candles.

Elegant bouquets distributed throughout the room.
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These are ALL her photo's

And the perfect intermingling of tea lights everywhere.

I tell ya! It was a sight.
Here is the pearl girl herself at work.

The lord has an incredible way of using this precious woman to speak to women, to Minister to women.

I am so thankful for the lord allowing me to be spoken to through her words and allowed the opportunity to call her friend!
Her sweet husband snapped a quick picture of us before the event started!

Here is a group shot of all the speakers.

I think it must have been hormones but the lord really really spoke to me through Sarah. 

She bravely shared her story of losing her twin boys back in the fall.
As her story unfolded, she shared of the things she went through while pregnant with them.
In several ways we had similar occurances.
If I remember correctly one of the boys had fluid on their brain while in utero. 
(as did my sweet Connor) 
Trust me, as she shared pictures of her with her belly I went from tears streaming down my face to almost weeping. 
Then she shared her boys were to be born on Connor's due date.

This was the point where I really felt the lord saying "See Jenny Beth, I protected your baby, you feared and I removed the fluid, the chance of Downs was there and I allowed it to be corrected while I was still forming him."

I felt so unworthy to be able to hold my sweet boy and I longed for Sarah to be able to hold her sweet angels. Had Connor been with me I would have brought him to Sarah while at the conference, tears streaming down my face and said "Hold him, trust me I know the healing power of holding a newborn!"

Then she shared a picture.

The one that forever changed me.

After her c-section to deliver the babies she got to hold them. They were so tiny, so perfect, and they had lived the life the lord had planned for them.

As the lump welled up in everyone's throats you could see Sarah's peace. 

Her boys had gone to meet their savior and lord. They felt no more pain.

She portrayed such a beautiful living example of a mother's love and giving her children back to her savior.

Jesus is using this experience for the glory of christ!!

I am so in awe of her!!!

I was able to listen to Jane or "mother prayer" as they called her. 
That lady has a lifeline to Jesus!! She is a professional prayer on a radio station out of Nashville.

Talk about being able to learn alot from someone!!

I ended up having to leave after our lunch break from the conference. My mom had gone with me to keep the baby while I was there and he needed to be fed and actually had a small fever.

I made the decision to get my baby home and get him well.

I wish sooooo badly I could have heard all of the women speak. 

But you know what this means?? 

I will go again!! And I hope to invite Sibi to come and speak where I live sometime very very soon!!
All of the women had such powerful things to share and I know the lord had called them to share their experiences for his kingdom. 

I cant begin to imagine how hard it was for Edie to live through the burning of her home.

And though I don't know Sibi's story her experiences have been so rich, she just exudes the love of Christ!

I am so thankful the lord allowed various things to work out so I could attend and really speak to me. 

Trust me, I hug on and love on my sweet Connor with more thanksgiving knowing he was "healed" and he came into this world so easily!

Thank you Jesus!!

Jehovah Jireh

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