Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Recap

We had a wonderful Easter!
Started out kind of hectic but was well worth it!
Before everyone woke up I snapped a few final shots of other Easter decor and the baskets.
My golden eggs!!
(found them in the dollar bins at target!)
A birds nest and a cute bunny plate.

If you cant tell AC has started sleeping in daddy's undershirts. She LOVES them and it makes me laugh to see her twirl around in his undershirts.
(time to invest in nightgowns)
C wasnt quite as thrilled to be woken up. haha 
He did like us reading pat the bunny to him though!
someone was way too excited to showoff her new swimsuit! haha

We went to church and LOVED the worship and message!
For lunch we went to my mom and dad's and mom really outdid herself with a delicious feast.
Happy Resurrection Day all!!

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