Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kitchen Table Lighting

Before we purchased our new home we knew we wanted to set some goals for when things would be completed. 

The ONLY updated fixtures in the whole home were a blue fluorescent blade fan In the babies room and a halfway installed fan in the master! 

So...obviously updating lighting was first on the list. 
The day after closing I ran in a neat outlet store and chances upon this. 
The original plan was to order the lantern from Ballard for over the table. 

This one...

Then I found this.
Upon a quick google search I discovered this was a slamming deal!!! 
It was a nice heavy fixture and I knew it would look great over our new kitchen table!! 
and at $69.99 I knew I was saving a few bones :)

We were able to hang it about the second week we moved in and we love it! 

This is one of the first things you see when walking in the front door and I feel like it really sets the tone for the whole house! 

Next up lighting over the sink and in the back door hallway. 

Once we complete lighting I hope to share the style boards for each room and mix in some kids posts here and there.

Strap in... going to be LOTS of newness this fall... 

I have done a people choose on my instagram account with a thing here and there and I like having people's opinion!! Really!! i do!! I can usually narrow down to a few favorites then it takes me weeks to finally commit to something.

Monday, September 2, 2013

C 18 months

Oh this baby!!! He is so adventurous! Has such a sweet tender spirit and Loves to help. 

He suprises me with how obedient he is and how well he listens. Now, that doesn't mean he doesn't test me ALL day long!!

As of late he has become a real daddy's boy! 

His favorite words are:
Owie!! (Spoken in a British accent)
Mommie (again in a British twang)
Chinch ewe (thank you)
Stairs (as in "I did stairs, aka fell on the stairs)
Duce Duce (juice)
Baby wheh ( for whit)
I love you

We are pretty impressed with his words! Although he gets frustrated he has done a great job articulating what he is wanting or needing. 

And an obsession with trains and cars have taken hold! He loves woodybuzz (only one word. They are a group deal) and we just got a new woody doll he is obsessed with.

I love hearing on the baby monitor the woody cord pulled and "there's a snake in my boots!!" Nothing says good morning bubba like good ole woody! 

Enjoy the iPhone picture dump! Hope to upload camera pics from this summer this week while we are relaxing!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Newborn Photography Session

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First off thank you all sweet readers for your emails and comments of encouragement concerning my heart and health after baby was born. As of right now things are continuing to repair and my resting heart rate is holding around 48-49 bpm. Thats a heck of a lot better than 29 bpm!! The faster hr means I feel a ton better and can keep up with these babies better!!!

Now, onto the real reason of the post!! Newborn pics!

Once again our awesome photographer outdid herself. 
She is a nurse by trade and instructed me to immediately go to the ER once we finished pictures so although i am extremely swollen I am thankful to have a picture now to see just how much better I looked 36 hours later. 
Most of the session was a fog for me and I just let Jamie do her thing!

Without further Adeau!

Crazy to think I lost 22 pounds in fluid just a few hours after this picture!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby w one whole month old

This sweet baby had a rough first month. The first week of his life was spent in and out of hospitals. We couldn't figure out at first why he was crying so much. We just thought big baby wasn't getting enough to eat. Actually my preeclampsia was causing my body to hold onto ALL fluids so needless to say when he nursed he was getting Nothing!!! He began supplementing and he was full but still screaming! 

Big brother helped once we got home from the hospital!! The dr said his symptoms were either milk intolerance or reflux. We began maalox with no luck, at 2 weeks old we moved into our new house. Dr switched us from sensitive formula to alimentum. 

I began to nurse him more and symptoms improved slightly. 

Then he began to really have tummy problems the third week. I took him off the alimentum on the fourth week and EBF. Things got better with that and probiotics 

Fifth week we went to the dr again and she witnessed one of his screaming fits and saw him reflux ohh and Finally have us a prescription from liquid Zantac. 

Finally he started to get some relief and actually nap so I could start to unpack our life and begin sorting!! 

Oh these sweet glorious naps in his new bed!!' I was ohh so thankful! 

It seems I was in such a sleep deprived fog these are some of the Only pictures I have of baby Whit's first few weeks of life.

Here we are back at the dr.

Poor chubby bunny was really in some pain ;(.

At one month he was up from his birth weight ( 8lbs 2 oz) to 8 lb 11 oz. 

You can see here he was much happier once we made our trip to Atlanta! 

Sneaking a quick nap in the car while daddy ran into the store ;)

And finally back home after our trip! 

He has such a serious face here! It's a long day with big brother and big sister running around keeping him awake! 

And catching a little sun at the park!!

So sad to see the very first of the newborn days already gone but thankful to have some resolve for this little fella and him getting some relief! 

Happy one month old Whit! 

Monday, August 26, 2013


So.... my past month of life has been DOWN RIGHT Crazy!!!!

tomorrow big sister starts her last year of preschool!

Hope to move mountians tomorrow. we shall see!!

Be prepared for a finally of the lyford house, a walk thru of the new house, ALL of our shenanigans, and where we are in the progress of the new house. basically we hit the ground running since moving in... hope to by october 1 to have the upstairs of the house finished except for bathrooms. (need to build some vanities)

Stay tuned.... it WILL be worthwhile.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saying Goodbye

At one time or another in life we all have to say goodbye... To something. 

Obviously our most recent goodbye was to our home. 

Things I am going to miss terribly are my sweet elderly neighbors. They thought the world of My kids and lit up like firecrackers to see them. I plan on going back to visit them from time to time. 

I am going to miss the sound of my little Connors feet running throughout the house. The pitter patter of little feet on a conventional foundations is something I will always remember. 

And the thing I didn't do when we moved?? I kept meaning to clean the little handprints off the French doors leading to c and ac's room. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Those little handprints in the glass panes were our mark. It was the game we played everyday in that house.  We brought Anna Caroline into her first home there at 6 months. The we brought Connor home from the hospital to that house and for 2 short weeks baby Whit lived there. Sooo much of our family "happened" in that home. 

When we moved in I was in a dead end job I hated. And Casey was a bank teller. We were 22, had no married friends, and knew noone with kids. Life was hard, but we smiled, had a healthy baby and worked our fingers to the bone to fix that place up. 

We became adults in that house.We both   worked 2 jobs to be able to fix up that house and provide for our little girl. We prayed and prayed for another child and The Lord blessed us with our sweet Connor. Casey graduated college in that house, and was offered his first big boy job. I watched my husband grow from my college sweetheart, into a daddy, and a grown professional. 

I spent alot of time testing my talents through trial and error and discovered my  love for design in that house. 

We had rats, black widows, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, termites, sink holes, rotten windows, lots of paint, blood sweat and tears. 

I dreamed of the future of when we would leave that home and now that I am gone I miss all the growing we did there and the memories we made. 

I miss sewing in the kitchen and listening to my kids gather rocks in the back yard and throw them down into the drainage ditch we lived next to. 

A very very tiny part of me misses my dogs running off 2 and 3 times a week. And the panic I would feel chasing after them, just to know I would find them 4 doors down and bring them safely home. 

I know this was just a vessel for us. I will always have my memories but saying goodbye is always hard. I miss my dear friends who moved around the corner and our last minute dinner plans we would make. 

I am excited to see all the memories we make in the new place and learn the history of the new place. But Lyford Avenue will always be my first and for that the memories will always be sweeter.