Monday, October 7, 2013

Third Annual Dragon Boat Race

This past weekend was the third annual Dragon boat Race on Mud Island. Last year my husbands company participated for the first time and I was too chicken to race.
This year I joined him, brought my sister and my friend Emily! 
There 49 teams total and we placed 25. Haha not wonderful but I'll take it!!
The purpose of the race is to raise money for clean water in the state of Tennessee.
It's a part of the ten clean water network which fights pollution in Tennessee. 

Such a neat cause being right there on the mighty Mississippi!
If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen one or two of these! 
They added a lot of fun things for the kids this year! 
My sister with ac. 

Our first heat was not so hot but our second heat we improved our time by 6 seconds!!!
The team before our first heat.
Emily and her precious baby bump! 
Connor was Soo worn out by 3 pm he fell asleep in his seat... Not attached to the stroller! 
And... This picture sums up why I need to loose weight! Two kids in two years and lots of iccee's really did me in! 

More on weight loss journey later.

By 3 we were whooped and so glad to head home and rest! 

Can't wait for next year!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Whit 3 Month Portraits

On the perfect fall afternoon we met our photographer at a new spot in town to get the perfect sunset pictures of our 3 month munchkin.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

I love Jamie and how she is able to capture my babies so well.

Thank you sooo much Oh Snappy Day Photography!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Screened in Porch The Final Reveal

 One of the very very last things we needed to complete before selling our last home was the painting of the screened in porch. yes... ALL of this was painted by my husband, by hand. nbd.

You can read all the specifics here, here, here, and here.




yes those are broken doors, half painted floors, a hot tub, a landing, a wall mounted tv. It's so sad to see how bad things look when they sit empty. I bet if staged properly this would have sold this house in an instant!

As you can see we replaced all the screen, dropped in a tray ceiling, added some roller shades for privacy, and painted everything.

And here are a few more angles :)

Everything looks so light and fresh. I just wish we had gotten the ceiling painted the light blue.
(blue distracts the insects, they think its the sky)


 Filling in the floor from the hot tub.

And the After:
again... i wish we finished the ceiling.

These angles and transformations REALLY show the before.
All of the bamboo and worn off wood was removed. The fence was pressure washed and sealed.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Room Challenge: Downstairs bathroom.

Click on the image to go head over to Calling it Home and see all the other fabulous rooms people are tackling!

I am so excited to be jumping feet first in on the downstairs half bath. 

The one room challenge is a Great way to hold me accountable to finish this space quickly!

Its obviously a space used by the guests that pass through our home pretty often and I want it to be an inviting and fun space. 

Our last house was a place for me to really experiment with my own style and see what we did and didn't like as a couple. 

This house will be one for me to push the envelope a little.

 Here are the before photos.
Although I am sooo thankful the tiling throughout the home was updated to a neutral tile it amazes me they painted over wallpaper and did not touch anything else throughout the house.
Exhibit A: the lighting, cabinet, countertop.... 

So.... stay tuned as we begin this transformation! 

We have begun on the cabinetry and here is our inspiration for the walls. 
The painted over wallpaper is buckling and in pretty bad shape so we plan to do a farmhouse paneling effect in here.

As of right now we do not plan on hanging sconces but would love to eventually. 

And not quite this color but along these lines of painting the cabinetry.

Check back next week to see the progress on the cabinets!
Feel free to link up your project!! (click on the image)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moving Day

So here she is in all her glory...
unlived in for close to 3 years
very first thing we had to do was install blinds in every single room. 
dang are blinds expensive!!

This is the dining room as you enter the house.

Has an awesome picture window. unsure what the trayed out area below is for.

oopsie... we broke a chairs standing in it right off the bat.

And this mantle is awesome. 
currently has some height issues (needs to come down quite a few inches)
but excited nonetheless.

A view of the kitchen right off the den
Dont be jealous of my appliances.
The bar and dining area
Dining area.
The laundry room

Downstairs hall bath.
these lights went straight into the trashcan.
Oh! and we immediately replaced toilet seats. 
Guest room/ nursery (for now)
Playroom off of the guest room.
Master's Vanity area.
Micro master bathroom

C's room he will share very soon with baby.
c's room
sisters room

Just finished picking up so I can show you the "moved in state."