Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day which will live in Infamy..

Today, this phrase has a whole new meaning for my family.
This morning my sweet husband will turn in his two weeks notice at his current employer.

This is a day we have drempt about since the day he proposed.

We knew we had a long two and a half year road of sacrifice, penny-pinching, school, both working two jobs and me still sewing out of our home... and in dave terms, "living like noone else so later we can live like noone else."

I can now confidently say i have looked in my pantry more than once and had to create meals for a week or so out of what we had. {but don't get me wrong... we always ate, and if hubby is cooking we ate good.... that is something he inherited from both his parents... whew that family can cook!!!}

We prayed several very scary prayers during this time and the lord continued to answer them.
{sometimes more suddenly than others}

He continued to whisper in our ears... keep going, you can do this.

I would read quotes throughout this time frame and some would say when you feel the most broken, the most hopeless, the most desperate. Don't...{feel this way} this is the Lord, he is preparing you... molding you, and purifing you into who he wants you to be so you can do the work of his kingdom.

Both of us... working every weekend, Casey going to school 4 nights a week.
Coming home, warming something, anything to eat, then collapsing on the couch.

We would lay in bed at night and dream of the day a job offer came in, we knew the thrifting, couponing, diy-ing, wearing what we already had would pay off.

Because when you are doing what you can to provide for your family your priorities are set straight.

People you thought the world of, they changed. You become their "Poor" friend who never can do anything.

We managed to pay off some debt in this time.

To really really really fall in love, and love deeper than i ever imagined possible.

And you know... when things happened I would remind myself through scripture this is the race/battle of life. And as i learned at such a young age the lord equips us to survive, fight, defend, and conquer.

I lost a job along the way...
but the lord provided.

We lost 90% of our friends along the way....
but the lord provided.

You know now i can confidently say the superficial, fashion driven person i was in college.... she died.

I still LOVE nice things, and even a few namebrands.

But everytime i begin to swoon over a Burberry this or a LouisVuitton that the Lord so softly whispers in my ear, thats not my plan.... live like noone else....

Now, two and a half years later my heart is fuller than it has ever been.
I feel more blessed than i ever imagined.

The new friendships i have made, they mean sooooo much more than the surface friendships before.

Maybe one day the lord will renuite some of us.

If not, i know they were there in my life for a reason. I went through denial, grieving, not understanding why these people were being so ugly. but now i know. The friends i am making now... are the ones i would walk through fire for.

So, all with one little typed letter, in 12 short days the future of my family will begin.

We have another chapter in our Dave Ramsey journey to begin. Paying off student loans...

I know i will be just as emotional about that as i have been about this.

Our projects will remain on a super tight budget.. cause face it.... knowing you created the same great look in your home paying next to nothing feels good.....

And come to think of it... i never knew till now why the lord gave me the creating abilities he did.

But now i know. He is using me for his kingdom. My talents are in my genes.

My dad's a hairdresser.Mom's a seamstress.Grandmother was a wedding dress maker.

It's in my blood.

And my husband will leave the banking industry on December 21st and on December 28th join a local Accounting firm performing audits in the banking industry.

So you see all along the lord was in control, shaping him, teaching him, molding him for the position he knew he would soon be offered.

We are sad to leave where he has been, wonderful people....

But very excited to see what he can accomplish at his new position.

I am more proud than you could EVER imagine.

And if i have never told you.... My husband is smarter than anyone i have EVER met. Not only is he starting a new job, and graduating, he has already passed one portion of his CPA....

Three more to go...

I also wanted to thank all of you for your continued support of our work on our little home along the way.

Thank you for letting me give you a little glimpse of us in real life.

Now... off to get ready to share all the homemade crafts i have made to celebrate the birth of our king.


Erica B said...

Yay, I am so excited and proud for yall. You also have no idea just how much I needed to hear something like this right now. You posted it at the perfect time! We are living in that multiple job, penny pinching, going to school full-time and working full-time, sometimes can't see how we will have enough but somehow the Lord provides... stage. I just went threw one of those breakdowns where you wonder when it will ever end or when it will ever get better. And I know it will. I just can't wait until I can write a post like this! Thanks for the encouragement and congrats to you and your family on the accomplishment! Trust me, I know it's value! :)

Cha Cha said...

I am so excited for you and encouraged by you. We have been through a really though two years and we are just know starting to see parts of Gods plans in it. This Sunday in Sunday School our teacher taught that many times God has to seperate us before he can give us His vision for us. The last two years feels like he has seperated us from one thing after another and most all of our friends, but it is all worth it and I can wait to see where His vision takes us. So glad to know there are other families willing to be seperated for His glory, you are a blessing.

Cha Cha

Jessica said...

Yay for the Rodden Family!! I'm so excited for you and Casey. Yall are such wonderful people and deserve nothing but the best. Thanks for posting, I REALLY needed to read something like this today!

this blessed nest said...

how wonderful!

you have such a awesome testimony to share. it is beautiful. what you have written with your words & placed on this blog for all to see publicly...the Lord will bless you for!!!

so exciting.

many best wishes to you & your beautiful family!


Sarah said...

that's so amazing! i just logged on to my blogger to do a post on what God is doing in my life right now and then i read yours. how truly awesome it is to see the different ways in which God uses us.