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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh to be Two, and Snow

Let's see I need to catch y'all up on lil' bit from December on...
First thing first...

My heart skips a beat to hear her precious little voice resound through our house. 
Here are some of her favorite things to say...
  • Momma, puppy smells grossie {yes she says grossie}
  • Dada... Come change Bitsy {this is our bitty baby who now goes everywhere with us and may be making her debut on the ole blog before too long...}
  • I want to wear my jammie's shirt 
  • Always asking about her sweet friend Jordan, he is now endearingly referred to as "My Jordy"
  • Puppy, no your bad. {why is it so funny to watch a 2 yr old reprimand a dog?}
  • I wanna watch my show... {yikes... promise its only 1 hr a day.... 1 mickey in the morning and little bear at night}
  • let's go to my grahmie's house. or mom-mom, she still hasn't decided what to call my mom.
  • oh and the best... I'm nakie, look momma I'm nakie.
I must admit after the terrible week and a half of potty training she has been an angel....
until she cut 6 inches off her hair, picture a solid cut above the earlobe and extending behind the earlobe... and the scissors were put up and I was only 5 feet away.. I just happened to be watching the mirror as I blew dry my hair while this occurred. 
I got a little upset, then laughed... Mom had a friend once tell her when they do something really bad breathe, then grab your camera because you will want to remember that for the rest of their lives...
so I will be sharing several pics over the next few days.

But you must see the snow we have been getting here in West Tennessee.. for us this is just insane!!
as you can tell my husband grew up at the beach and has never really played in the snow, so over the past few weeks he has taken full advantage of this.

trust me the boys had fun!!
Luke also took this as prime opportunity to snag an egg and cheese sandwich... little stinker!

here we are a few days later, not as much snow but much much colder!!

you might be wondering where in west tennessee are hills that look like mountains.

well my sister knew of this place near my parents and since we were snowed in it made since to head out there.

its the dirt plowed side of a land fill and trust me there was NO SMELL!!


baby wasn't so sure at first
but Aunt A talked her into it pretty quickly

did I mention the temp was 9 degrees with a windchill of something ungodly... IT WAS COLD!

then.. she became a sled hog and would cry as others jumped on...

we must work more on sharing!
now it was time for the super big hill.
and everyone loved it except miss "I want to do it alone!"
after about 30 minutes we were frozen solid and our clothes were sopping wet.
poor thing has on at least 4 layers here....

be back with more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First snow

Watching the snow from inside... loving sitting in my Bumbo!

i got snowflakes on my eyelashes...

kinda dark ... its reallll cold

Luke... checking this whole mess out.