Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Family "Fun" Trip

Okay so previous to now we have only taken one other family "fun" trip, which was to go and see jake and stephanie (jake was casey's college roommate at bama)
Well this weekend for casey's 24th bday we are headed to tuscaloosa for the bama vs. arkansas football game. you may ask what's the first step in this process??
Calling the most succulent bakery in all of tuscaloosa, Mary's Cakes and Pastry's and order a bear bryant, houndstooth cake... then figure out where we are staying... that will be with stephanie's precious little sis, ashley... then figure out where we will tailgate. TBD.. i have an idea but we shall see...

So on this mecca trip we have several bits on our agenda, relax, scream so loud that we loose our voices, eat some good food, pray over bear bryant's grave(j/k every one else in tuscaloosa sets up a shrine that reminds me of something that muslims pray to) ps. i dont care who you are acting like the bear is still alive is creepy... let the great be dead and that be that.

now on to the other important things, like, making sure baby has a movie to watch in the car that will put her to sleep, we are borrowing grammy and poppy's dvd player till we can find one for us but i am glad to say that she is pretty pumped about barbie, the princess and the pauper.

then i need to pack the video camera, sheets, blowup mattress, casey's clothes, write out instructions for the dog. (for those of you that dont know luke seriously runs the roost at our house, this dog comes and gets us about 9:30 every night and wants us to perform the turndown service in our bed so he may retire at a timely hour of the night; like 10:20 is that much later, whatever dog you always get your way)

Then theres the clean the pond pump, feed the fish, blah blah blah........ what has my life come to.....

And if i have time, pack clothes for myself, i am officially wornout and i havent even begun this process, stay posted for how everything went

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finally, pics of the house...

yes, this is my chandelier i found IN A BOX at a garage sale for $35.00 i was soooo pumped. you have NO clue.

Anna Caroline's room seems to be complete. I still have a few picture frames to fill.(they are displayed inside the chest) but i havent found just the right picture for them yet... so this is her room, the painted cabinets in our bathroom, and our dining room. The dining room is done except for paint... that will happen at some point we just seem to be short on time these days.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lauren and Chad's engagement

yay for the best friends anyone could ever ask for...

Playing Around

Finally we broke in and got a new carseat... this is the box that she was much much more interested in than the new seat... pretty animated if you ask me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

business as usual

Sorry for lack of pictures. 
What we have done:
We have been very very busy tying up loose ended projects around the house. Finally there is a fresh coat of paint on my wrought iron storm door, an old nasty green planter in the back is now spray painted bronze. 
My patio chairs have been sanded and recoated with teak oil (pb outlet find that i will forever covet and love) and the bathroom cabinets have been rehung. this week will be all about putting the final coat of paint on the cabinets and sealing them with poly. 
pics of all of this is to follow. not to mention we got our new dining room chandelier (at a garage sale) and got that hung... and i finally finally finally got anna caroline's nursery looking like i wanted. I will take pics tonight after i get everything cleaned up. i am thinking about putting this stuff on rate my space (hgtv's website) now all we have to do is as follows. 
To Still Do:

  • entirely clear off the screened in porch and begin cleaning it so we can paint it white in the hopefully cooler days to come. 
  • finish painting the trim in the main room of the guest house so we can lay tiles around the door and casey's dad can come lay my carpet out there. 
  • finish the trim moulding boxes by the front door and get the kitchen of the guest house painted... uhhh why is it i feel so tired after just writing this stuff down???
  • anyway we have almost almost completed our bedroom. we are still searching for fabric to use for my cornaces above the panels in our room, need to stain caseys chest of drawers to match everything else and get our flat screen.... oh the coveted flatscreen... then we can lay in bed for hours on end and watch our big tv... thats the plan at least.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

this is how i found her

So a few days ago i got scared... I couldnt hear AC crawling around squealing chasing after luke... 
this only means one thing.

 She is INTO something.... and this is how I found her.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bubble Time

As you can see we are wildly fascinated with a bubble bath. mommy finally got me a bottle of mr. bubbles. 
And i had a ball. here are a few pics of doodle bug getting a bubble wig and bubble beard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the Boat

TRYING to figure out what uncle larry is doing..
ahhh we are going super fast and ariel's hair is blowing like crazy

daddy what's going on??? If you cant see by these few pics she wants nothing to do with me... straight daddy's girl through and through

Thursday, August 20, 2009

home improvement

this is all of the rotted fence we took down and replaced with chicken wire
this is all the tree limb and riff raff we removed

ahhh now a tranquil view of our drainage ditch. haha

my fratty morning hair

my absolute most favorite thing is to pull my mommy's hair!!
i love to snuggle in the morning

as you can see we are a major camera flirt. she is getting more and more captivated with us having various devices in her face. she goes on show for sure and it is priceless.