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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One Room Challenge Final Reveal

Paint brush down folks. 
Whew!! That was fast and furious and I am sooooo glad I attempted this space. 

Let's take a quick look at our before.

And you can check out the previous 5 weeks work:
week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5

Sorry it's grainy! 

And the after!

There was so much painting to be done. Soooooo much!!! 

So glad it's behind us!!!! 

What is still left to do:

get oushak for the area to the left of the cooktop
build small prep table for the cooktop/prep area (stone is in another city and wont be delivered until next weekend)
pick out countertops (a project hopefully for this spring)
pick out smooth cooktop.
(i spend an extensive amount of time on consumer reports selecting things, like too long!)
paint the one lone drawer I forgot and the cabinet door that broke. Yes. seriously
finish the cushions for the bar area (just simply ran out of time)
rework the electrical over the bar area (electrician was super backed up so we are attempting this on sunday, check back!)

We would have never made it this far without the challenge so thank you again Linda for hosting!! Can't wait until next time!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kitchen: Appliances Round Up

Picking out kitchen appliances is such a daunting task.
(horrible picture but this is where we started)

Most people pick a brand and stay with that brand throughout the kitchen.

We somewhat did this last fall during the black friday sales.

We found this dishwasher first and knew that would be our launching point for appliances.
This is the Whirlpool Gold 55-decibel tall tub dish washer. 
It also has the additional rinser for the top rack!

Now that we have had it almost a year I can say I like this dishwasher, I don't love it. 

It does a great job cleaning the dishes but the drying is so so. Not a deal breaker for me, but I have noticed its mainly on plastic items that don't dry thoroughly.

Once we found the dishwasher we went with this microwave.
We are not huge microwave people but for what we need it for, it works great!

Now that we had these two picked out we then shopped for a beverage fridge to replace where the trash compactor had been.

We purchased from This is an online store owned by Lowe's.

It has worked great and we love keeping pellegrino's and soft drinks in here for when guests come in town or we have people over!

The last appliance was the most overwhelming one!

up until about a month ago we still had this beauty, General Electric 1979 oven.
It sparked when you opened the door,  cooked unevenly and the control buttons wouldn't actually turn the thing off!

Our home warranty was days from expiring so right before our vacation I called and scheduled an appointment. 

Sears was sent out to evaluate and they did a 10 day investigation trying to find parts for this oven instead of just replacing.

I was actually poolside with the lovely Paige and got the phone call they were going to replace the oven!


However, all they wanted to give us was white or black so we made the decision to pay for the upgrade to stainless.

It seriously changes the whole look of this kitchen! 
I have to say I love this oven, now... my standards leading up to this were pretty low but I have been very pleased with the cooking time and sleek design!

now we do have 2 appliances left to replace.

The fridge and the cooktop.

The cooktop was a beautiful let down when we discovered there was no way to run the copper down the wall for gas :(((((

So we have been casually shopping the smooth cooktops trying to determine what we like!

and the monster... the fridge.

This is the one I keep telling myself I want but the price is shying me away....

What appliances do you have? 

Anyone just hate their french door?
Here is where we are now.