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Monday, June 21, 2010

Homemade Detergent

**lots of pinterest links at the bottom!
Recently I read a post over here At the Bunny's Bungalow on how to make your own detergent. 

As a modern day Martha, as my friends like to call me, I felt I had a "Suzy Homemaker" obligation to take a stab at this recipe!!

Easy enough right?? 

Went to my local ACE Hardware and found the fels naptha, $1.99 (1 bar grated finely)
and the Arm and Hammer Washing Soda $3.99
Then I found the Borax for $3.99 at Target.

as of 2012, Borax has changed their label (long square box)and this can be found on the aisle with cleaning products, if my memory serves me correctly next to the Pine Sol.

So for $10.00 a Batch and only 1 tablespoon per load this is a SUPER SUPER CHEAP alternative to your heavily fragranced, overpriced detergents found in your local store's shelves.
(not to mention all those dyes and fragrances are hard on your clothing)

Check out this link, i found it very helpful while I was making my detergent!!
between Two and Five Cents a Load?? Yes Please!!

Sidenote: As a Fashion Design major I was required to take a VERY informative class called Quality Control. 

In this class we learned today's detergents are actually made with fragrances that intentionally break down the fibers in your clothing.
I.E. Pilling, a screen print cracking, color fading, (i think you get the picture) stick to the good ole tried and true and your clothes will hold up longer, look better and be just as clean at a fraction of the cost.

Another note, same is true of Dishwasher Detergent, anything citrus scented actually has an enzyme in it that will leave swirl marking in your fine pottery pieces and begin to deteriorate the finish!!
Here is the recipe to clean your dishwasher!
This works wonders!!!

Update 2011: Discovered since this is considered a Non-sudsing detergent, HE safe, it is time to start cleaning the inside of the washing machine so it does not mildew.

Here is the recipe to clean your washer.

Update 2012: Husbands undershirts start to look a little dingy after about 6 months, the color almost begins to gray if you will. For now we have purchased clorox for colors for tough stains and to get these shirts whiter!

Jan 2013: I am looking at recipies to remove stains from undershirts with baking soda and vinegar. Will keep you posted as I experiment!!
I have not tried it yet but here is the pinterest link

And another for Oxiclean

I now keep distilled vinegar, borax, and washing soda on hands at all times.

washing the puppy's linens?
add an extra scoup of borax, it is an incredible cleaning agent as well as a splash of vinegar to the water.

Don't want to use a fabric softener or dryer sheets?
find a cleaning rag and an essential oil you like.
I usually use orange oil, soft but clean citrus scent.
Place 2 or 3 dabs on the cloth and drop into the load.

Whew now lets get cleaning!!