Monday, January 20, 2014

Beauty for Ashes a Series

The lord has really pressed upon my heart to begin to opening and sharing my story with others. 

I have started to type this post for the past 2 years and didn't have the courage to. 

I was afraid of what others would say, what they would thing, and scared to share just how much of a refining fire we walked through.

You see, god took what I considered to be this perfect life, in this perfect town, with a perfect degree, introduced me to a man I didn't know character wise exhisted. 

And then I prayed, a very very specific prayer, and he answered it. 

One simple prayer where I asked the lord to humble me. 

To take away my desires of this world and give me a heart like his.

I had no clue what he would be calling me to, and asking me and my sweet husband to walk through.

I didn't know the pain I would endure, and the blessings that would abound. 
But he did, he knew my heart, he knew Casey's heart and he chose us.

Beauty for Ashes, garment of praise, take this heart of stone
Make it yours!


Emily said...

Proud of you, and excited that you are going to be sharing your story!

Stacy Heckman said...

Just getting caught up on your blog. I'm very excited to hear more of your story. It took me a long time to write out my story of infertility and miscarriage and all of the pain that went along with it. But it was a very freeing experience. I pray the same goes for you! God will use your story to touch many, trust me on that one. :)