Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Goals

I have been meaning to post this since January 1... man does time get away from me.....
The one thing I will say is I am going to wait to show before's because they are located mighty closely to some stuff I am about to reveal.
Anywho on to that list.
First thing is first; our sweet beagle deserves a nice secure fence, and we deserve some privacy in our backyard. Poor thing is just so curious that this past spring he got out a good 20 times.... Now we go out with him to use the restroom and run right back in. Bottom line, his curious personality deserves to be able to roam for a bit and mommy and daddy want to be able to let him do just that.

1. fence in back yard.
2. trim all low lying branches/remove "brush trees" {okay these will have to go first so that we can install the fence in a straight line}
3. finish up the screened in porch {post coming soon with progress thus far}
4. complete master bathroom; found lighting, now just need shower/sink fixture and to do the install/purchasing.
5. build lockers in the kitchen
6. build railing around front door stoop
7. complete landscaping in the front yard
8. find a suitable runner to prevent dirt from being tracked in my house
9. complete den decor, ie painting, rug.. accessories more or less
10. complete master bedroom
11. now that baby is talking she has revealed to us her favorite color; purtle to be exact... and with all this renovating coming on she requested purtle walls when daddy got home from his travels... I mean... how could i resist?? so purple, i have never really liked you, but we are about to embrace in a big big way!
12. oh the dining room, you have always housed everyone in the family's left overs... maybe one day soon you will grow up and get some things of your own... we shall see.

okay... so pretty daunting list and no where near complete. lets see what we can accomplish this year!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Who knew.

Who knew that a month ago my new year would start off with a jolt??

My Internet would go out, I would have to reorder a modem 3 times and then cancel my service.

Who knew we would need roof work and have two ceiling leaks in AC's room in one week?(unrelated issues)

And that we would gain a tenant in our guesthouse?

Lots of fun and excitement!!

And did I mention I am going to be keeping a friend's baby two days a week starting next Thursday??

With the 4 day countdown to the new,better, faster, stronger Internet coming I thought could do a few simple posts from my phone.

Because who knew??

I have a secret obsession I want Share with y'all. I have a profound obsession with random facts. And a wonderful book to provide me hours of entertainment. The book is called, Who Knew?

So how do y'all feel about me sharing some excerpts with you??


U wanna know random stuff to impress your friends? Thought so..

Well here goes nothing..

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

There are approximately 1,750 o's in every can of spaghettiO's!

The smell of Crayola crayons is so familiar that it is one of the twenty most recognizable scents to American adults(ranking up there with coffee and peanut butter) and so soothing that sniffing has been proven to lower blood pressure.

And last but not least
Tip is an acronym for "to insure promptness"- and once upon a time was given in advance.

Be back tomorrow with more randomness!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catching Up

Hello there.

Yes I am posting from the trusty ole phone.
I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted last.

We have been busy busy busy with school/husband out of town/ getting ready for a children's consignment sale/ working on master bedroom/ brainstorming future projects this spring.


However I have found some time to squeeze in a few pics of lil bit.

We have eaten alot of pez lately.

Baby thinks it's hilarious everytime you get a candy out of the characters mouth.

And most importantly we have been planning our valentine's dinner.

Growing up we always had a big valentines breakfast and dad would give the girls something nice and my brother always got legos or a gameboy game,( you know something he had been wanting) sooo I thought I would carry on the tradition with my family.

Be back soon with more pictures of what we r planning.

Did I mention my Internet ha been down for over a week?

And I need to order my Shari's berry's.

Happy weekend

Sunday, January 16, 2011


A new year means newness all around.
Time to purify our hearts, minds, and spaces.
For me, when my home is clean, my head is clear.
I can create.
This is when the lord speaks to me and i am not worried about the dishes or fingerprints or dog hair lying around. 
*time to repurpose some pieces for storage.
*time to FINALLY label what is what
*and even if your closet is tiny like mine, learn to make the most of the space!
*maybe I will find some stuff in my garage sale pile to repurpose.
*and finally finally finally establish my gift wrapping station.
pretty sure i have all the stuff laying around the house and just need the time to put it together.
I mean aren't these spaces amazing....
*and a playroom. man does my little girl need a playroom. 
ps. isn't this space amazing??
I think caving and making a bunting banner is definitely in my future.

Okay friends off to church then time to get organized.

Psalms 51:10 Create a clean heart in me oh god and renew a right spirit in me. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Review

Now that we have entered into a new year I have been looking for fun new things to add to the blog. 
As the thoughts began twirling through my brain I received an email from the wonderful CSN store. 
Should I do giveaways, reviews, project parades??
Well I must start somewhere so how about a review??
Then I must thank all of you lovely readers so I do have something in return for you all. 
{Stay tuned for that soon}

So back to that review.... remember that sneak peek of my master bath??
The direction we are wanting to go in with our bathroom is sleek, chic, and modern.
I have looked through several of their stores and have found the perfect pieces of modern decor to incorporate into the design!!
Can't wait to show you guys!!
Click here to check out the site. I already have my eye on several great things. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Early Spring 2011

Early Spring 2011
Early Spring 2011 
Here are a few things I am "crushing on" right now

I already got my MomAgenda and I am in LOVE.
Now that Casey is going to be traveling for work it's a great way for me to organize everyone's schedules.
Also, GILT had a great deal going on recently.
Hip2Save posted a link for joining and you automatically received a $25.00 credit towards a purchase (included shipping)
Well we found this AWESOME lunch box on there and AC has had a blast decorating it!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011


I would SOOO.... be lying to yall if I said we were "taking it easy" over the holidays.
In all actuality we worked like dogs finishing up projects here and there.
  • Kitchen is painted
  • new fixture hung (properly, key word) in the kitchen
  • new curtains hung in master bedroom (ended up being very very time consuming)
  • picture gallery is almost finished
  • window project was started
  • upstairs was organized
  • removed all medication of any kind to higher ground
  • and all photo's of 2010 are properly labeled and stored under the 2010 label (hallelujah!!)

**again please disregard the nastiness of the porch. hoping for a beautified version come late spring.
Paint color.. Benjamin Moore Abbington Putty with 25% darker tint.= LOVE
Light fixture is Pottery Barn and can be found here
however.. i found one lonely pendant at the PBO and got it for 49.97 {dont hate me}
    Now, do you see where the oval mirror is on this wall??
    let me show you a better view.
    {see the big fat empty wasted space??}
    Sidenote: yall are probably asking yourselves why we took our kitchen table out and did this?? Well after 3 miserably long phone calls with At&t it was determined the wiring in our house is old and that is why we loose internet connection up to 15 times a day. Yeah!! 15!! So one night laying in bed we decided we would try and move the computer to the first point of entrance into the home; i.e. kitchen phone jack. Well lo and behold, it works i tell ya!!!
    Thus the movement of homeoffice to kitchen eat-in area.
    So, back to that bare wall... desk/cords/tech-savvy items all relocated in front of window complete; I decided I wanted these.
    My friend Maribeth got them and i just fell in love when i saw them in person.
     Then I found this on some home website and figured we could build for way less than $799
    * What are your thoughts??
    Once we get a wrought iron gate to backyard this will be the main entry door, we will drop our things in the lockers and be on our way..
    Then and Now.

    I am waiting to finish glazing the rods to show the reveal picture of our curtains and the medicine cabinet is nothing to write home about so those pics aren't included.

    In other news.
    About three weeks ago lil' bit found some Ambien in my nightstand drawer.
    I was doing my usual chore of making beds and she was watching little bear, or so i thought
    When i got into the den she had one pill in her mouth, one in her hand, one was in the bathroom sink and one migrated to the rug in her room.
    I immediately freaked and called poison control.
    The problem then was I had no idea how many pills were exactly in the bottle.
    So the very sweet lady at poison control proceeds to tell me if she gets sleepy within the hour go to the emergency room, this medication could cause my little 2 year old to go into cardiac arrest.
    Well we went on to school and i kept her with me monitoring her for the next hour, and by the grace of god nothing happened to her.
    However this lit a fire under me to begin operation "store everything HIGH"

    Then just when i think all of this is over, yesterday i again go to my room to make the bed.
    Gone 4 min. TOPS.
    {seeing a reoccuring theme, either dont make bed or wake up earlier, check}
    I walk back into the den to discover my pinking sheers out of the sewing bag on the ottoman.
    And yes... my worst thoughts were confirmed.
    Although a tiny chunk, its a 4ish inch piece of golden tendrel laying on my couch and my precious angel saying "Mommy, look I cut!!!"
    I took a deep breath and laughed, I couldn't yell because I wasn't there to witness this even.
    Okay, so lesson learned... 
    Life is now in operation keep everything potentially dangerous stored.
    This picture conceals the evidence but ever since she cut she keeps saying "Poppy cut, Poppy cut!"
    {ps my dad is a hairdresser}
    So, you know what we did??
    We went and got that little girls hair cut.
    She actually did really well.
    excited about some curls
    complete with her new do!!

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    New Year

    As the new year begins and we return to preschool in a few short minutes I have a "mission" for myself.
    I am there to guide these children
    and tell them about my Jesus
    In hopes that a seed is planted and they will one day call him their savior
    Therefore this verse will urge me on.
    Deuteronomy 6-9 Write these commandments that I've given you today on your hearts. Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder; inscribe them on the doorposts of your homes and on your city gates. {the message}

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    2010 Highlights

    For my sweet family of three 2010 started with alot of uncertainity.
    As my husband graduated and hoped to begin his career as an accountant we knew this year would bring plenty of changes.
    Little did we know we would take the project plunge on our little reno pretty quickly.
    Here is the home when we purchased in May 09'
    By June 10' we had added shutters, landscaped, and changed to a new front door.
    Inside lots of ideas were spinning and only a few decisions made.

    The dining room got some paint and some of the other grandparents furniture.

    Baby's room went from nursery to big girl

    And the den went from this .....

    {sorry this is such an aweful picture, gah i really hated the mismatching plaid in those curtains}

    view from the entry area.

    View from the dining room
    view from baby's room, looking into entry then den.
    {i think you get the idea now}
    The laundry closet was given a more esthetically pleasing look.
    We had a Lilly Pulitzer themed birthday party for baby girl.

    And backyard demolition began.
    we removed:
    *the hottub
    *the coy pond
    *the side deck
    *painted all vertical pieces white
    *sodded coy filled area
    *began laying out for new landscaping this spring.

    for 2011 we have planned on:
    *railings around front porch
    *completing master bedroom
    *remodel of master bath
    *facelift in the kitchen
    *completing screened in porch
    *completing the playroom/guest room

    And just for good measure... guess what i started on Christmas day.

    Yes that is a piece of paper staking out where another beauty will one day sit... 
    Can't wait to show yall where this is!!! 
    Layla's Collection inspired this wall.

    I am linking up over @ Rhoda's.

    Crafty Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone.
    I hate i haven't blogged all these items along the way.
    However, how would you like a jam packed craft filled post??
    Well here goes nothing...

    Saw my sweet friend Kellie's ribbon trees on her mantel and decided we needed something cute for baby girl's room.
    The dot ribbon was purchased from Hancocks.
    The Lilly Pulitzer ribbon was acquired years and years ago. 
    All the rest was taken from my mom's stash.
    If you decide to make one of these cuties all you need is a foam cylinder, more ribbon than you think.
    (i used around 4 or 5 rolls)
    and a hot glue gun. 
    simply start at the bottom of the tree, establish your pattern and loop the ribbon.
    Then i went back and filled in the empty spots.
    The topper is a paper napkin bunched cut like confetti and hot glued on the top.
    The Noel sign was created by Candace (my sweet friend who helps me with Preppie Peonie)
    She surprised me with the coloring and I just knew it was meant for AC's room.

    In other news we have actually enjoyed the firepit a little. 
    {Cant wait to show yall the post on the before and after...}
    {Did we notice a little someone has started dressing herself?}
    And outside my home we kept it pretty simple.
    You see mom has a decorating obsession.
    With the exception of the ornaments in my front door garland, and my snowman.
    Everything else was stuff mom wasn't using.
    Did I ever mention she has wonderful taste?? 

    Remember this tree I blogged about a couple weeks ago.
    Well it wasn't entirely finished with it and until today.

    The challenge i created for myself with this tree was every ornament {except the WS ones} needed to be homemade.
    Well with everything homemade it was still missing something.
    That's where my beloved Bella Vita stepped in.
    I finished the tree off with some awesome gold sparklies and snowflake ornaments.

    this little guy came from BV too. 
    Thank you candace for such a sweet little happy.
    Used  House of Smith's napkin poof tutorial and her accordian tutorial.
    and TADA... a finished shabby/vintage tree!!
    did i ever mention i just love this girl.
    {notice how joy is missing the "Y" on the tree?? yeah, thats what happens when a 2 yr old helps/dips it in water then you run out of time... besides.. the show must go on.}
    Now onto other news....
    Remember when I posted on a Ballard Inspired Christmas?? 
    Well i followed through with my projects but not in blogging.
    Again, my apologies.

    I found a "bunch" of fresh grenery for 3.99 at Lowe's well that should finish up the sprucing around the house huh??
    First I was inspired by these beautiful letters..

    ** this is more a note to self... but when replicating something of such simplicity and beauty..
    Please have a copy of the thing you are replicating. 
    Otherwise you won't love it as much and it will surely go in the trash at the end of the season.
    first you free hand a letter.

    this is where if you are me you begin to mess up... 
    ie you forgot your pic so you begin free stylin...
    I didn't so much love the final outcome but, then again... you live and you learn.
    sorry for the crooked door pic....
    did i mention i am soooo ready for us to be able to finish up the minor projects.
    {sanding around door and fresh coat of paint, alas never finished...}
    focus JB... focus..
    anywho because i wasn't in love with this I subbed the letter out for my fave three wreath combo.

    Remember my original Ballard Inspired Post??
    One thing I loved the most in this catalog were the magnolia leaf wreaths

    Well this was easily replicated and looked pretty dang good in my opinion.
    And the best part is it cost me nothing.

    as you can see mine has significantly less magnolia leaves.
    Straight line winds will do that every time...
    These little guys were all that was left.
    This top pillow inspired my pillow.
    One yard of duck cloth
    3 different size juice glasses
    a pencil
    some brown paint
    2 scraps of cute fabric
    max 30 minutes time...
    and look what you can have!!
     My "Alabama" twist on a cute Ballard pillow.
    In other news....
    * we went to see santa 4 times. ALL of them ended badly!!! 
    we were all cheers at home. 

    Will be back tomm with a recap of how our day was spent!!!